Friday, March 19, 2010

color Carnival #42 --- Blue Jay Art

Color Carnival is a meme hosted by Martha at Martha's Menagerie that celebrates all the colors in God's rainbow.

Afraid I have some bad news to go along with this post. Here is the story. Last Monday night we were driving pass the local high school and noticed a group of painted blue jay's on stakes in the ground near the entrance. That is not a route we travel often so we missed seeing them before. It was just getting dark and the Old Salt and I discussed whether we should go back and take the pictures or wait until the next morning to photograph them in the day light. We decided to go back. When I saw how dark the photos were I knew I was going to go retake them the next morning. But, that morning never came.

We got a call that night informing us a family member had been in an accident, so we packed a bag and headed out of town. When we returned on Thursday afternoon our route took us right past the high school, but, the blue jays were gone. I am assuming the birds were part of some art project or pep rally since the Blue Jay is the mascot for the school's sports teams.

I regret not retaking the photos but, I am going to share them anyway for this week's Color Carnival because I think they are creative and certainly full of color.

The last bird in this photo looks kind of different because it has a deflated helium balloon hanging on it. Due to a fence I could not get close enough to remove it.

To join the fun or to check out all the colorful entries of other players, visit Martha and her friends at Color Carnival.


  1. Oh, I like these, just "as is"! But hey, what do I know about art - ha!
    'Wonder if the darkening backdrop doesn't make that one fella appear more fierce; a force to be reckoned with.

    Hope your family member is doing well following the accident!

  2. Now that is awesome. Love the kites. Take care. Nancy

  3. I like the last one, pretty and colorful!

  4. The photos are great, maybe even better in that lighting than they would have been in the bright daylight. I sure hope the family member that was in the accident is ok! Sending positive thoughts and prayers and hugs.

  5. Now those are truly colorful, and beautiful!


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