Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Theme Thursday -- Hats

Theme Thursday's topic this week is hats. I am honored that our host selected my suggestion of "Hats" for this week's topic. Thank you all.

One of the first posts I wrote back in 2005 when I started blogging was about my dislike for baseball caps and my love of hats. Or to be more precise, my love of men wearing hats. I believe nothing is sexier than a man in a really nice hat. That post gave some history on hat etiquette, types and styles of hats and how President John Kennedy (known as hatless Jack) almost single handedly killed the hat industry in this country. You will find that post entitled "How You Wear Your Hat" here.

Nothing has changed, I still love men in hats. And thankfully I can count on the Old Salt not to disappoint. Not sure if he does it just for me, but between a life in a uniform that required the proper topper and a bout with skin cancer he seldom leaves home without some form protection from the elements, as seen in the first photo. Then every once in a while he will use one just to act silly or entertain the children, as in this shot where he borrowed my older nieces hat and proceeded to do a crazy dance down the sidewalk at Silver Dollar City with one of her two younger sisters on each arm.

As for myself, I don't believe I have a face that is enhanced by a hat. My profile is flat and my face too round. But, if I'm not careful someone will manage to capture of photo of me in a hat.

My dear mother was raised to be a genteel southern lady, so she is rarely seen without a hat of some type.

I have been trying to sort all my digital photos, and my hat file currently has almost two hundred pictures. Pictures of every conceivable hat. Hats made from everything from paper to concrete. I have everything from ski masks to top-hats with glitter, snowmen to bald men cooling in the river, safety gear from bicycle helmets to hard hats for rock climbers. Hats worn by everyone from FDR to the Archbishop, including a ventriloquist dummy and a topiary bear.

There are pictures of hats worn upside down, inside out, sideways and backwards.I have even managed to get a few shots of a family member's closet full of hats.

Being from a large family, there is an endless number of games and parties that seem to require some form of silly headgear. Plus countless photos, of adorable children wearing hats.

As I said earlier, I dislike baseball caps. I accept that they will always be worn by sports teams, and I will forgive the cute kids who are only obeying their parents. I would certainly be upset if the cooks at our favorite breakfast restaurant forgot to wear theirs. I will even think kindly of those showing off their brand new vacation souvenir. Even the man that carries the cross on highway 44 will get a thumbs up from me. But, I may not be so charitable to those men that leave their hats on in church, restaurants and theaters.

Finally, I will leave you with just two more: One of a dear friend that would love to toss all her hats that cover what chemo has taken away. And one of a group of guys that have it all together in the hat department. Yep this is one sexy group of men and a prime example of why I love to see a man wearing a great hat.

If after this expose on hats you can stand to read the poetry and other fun stuff pertaining to hats, or want to join the fun with your own post on hats visit Theme Thursday

Jenny Matlock I am also adding this post to Alphabe Thursday which just happens to be featuring the letter "H" this week. You can visit all the other participants by joining the hostess Jenny and her friends by clicking here. I also want to thank Jackie at the blog "The Way of the Upright is the Highway." for leading me to this new meme. I'm sure this will not be my last entry.


  1. I really enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing!
    I'm up too :)

  2. Rita,
    What a great idea. I just posted my hat. I never thought about added more to it. I just kept it simple. THE hat you and Old Salt looks great on both of you. Have a good week.Nancy

  3. oh you look wonderful in a hat and you know it...old salt picked some funny ones there. smiles. happy tt!

  4. I see you love your hats, GREAT!

    Happy Thursday!





  5. What a great Hat post. I love hats; Have a Happy day

  6. Comprehensive hat post! LOVED all the different types.

    My husband has an enormous collection of baseball caps...and he wears them all. Oy.

  7. I have never seen such an extensive collection and post on hats :). It's fun too that the romance of your man in a hat has never died. I think a hat's appeal may be that they make a fellow look so manly and frame the eyes. I wish I looked good in them.

  8. I really enjoyed this post as it had everything: from the hilarious and absurd to the poignant and heartfelt. Prayers going up for your sweet friend. GBU.

  9. I so love your post. It is about Hats and that is what mine was about. I loved seeing all of your hats. I have a few hats too. Have a great day..

    I host a Round Robin tomorrow if you want to stop by. You just show off a crafts or something you may have cooked or what ever you want. OLd post count too. For more info. Come on over and link on my Round Robin at the end of my post..

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

  10. I wish more people wore hats these day! :-)

  11. Wow, that's a lot of hats. I mostly just wear hats for winter just because I'm a freeze baby LOL. Good luck to your friend doing chemo. I know its no fun to lose your hair.

  12. Great idea for theme Thursday! I really like hats, but can't pull it off very well. My hubby wears some nice hats and is wearing one in his hat post today.
    Here he is http://bachelor-at-wellington.blogspot.com/ .
    Thanks for stopping by & I really enjoy your blog.

  13. these are some fantastic hats :D

  14. Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday ... I enjoyed your Hat post. My daughter loves hats ... i used to tease her and tell her she had "Hattitude".

  15. Hats off to you for a great H post!

  16. What a great assortment of hats! I don't see too many men removing their hats any more when they enter a building. I'm afraid that tradition has gone out the window.

  17. I think this is the greatest assortment of hats I have ever seen. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you!

  18. I really like hats as well but my head is so small that I look funny in any hat. I wish I could wear one, but I can wear a tiara!!!

  19. I've lots of hats and love wearing them. In fact, I have to wear a hat in the summer months here.

  20. Hi Rita,

    Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday!

    I greatly enjoyed your H post with a Hodgepodge of Hats!

    Such a fun addition to our weekly links of letters!


  21. I love hats too...I am lucky enough to have a man who is a hat lover.....Here's to hats and happy H day! melinda

  22. Nothing sexier than a man in a cowboy hat in my humble opinion....

  23. Wow. So I see now why "hats" would occur to someone as a theme subject--if that someone is you, with all those hat pics!
    I had often wondered what happened to the hat custom in this country, had no idea it was JFK. All I gotta do is think back to see it though. No more men in hats!

    Anyway, you got a great collection of hat pics, and your suggestion even got me (although a day late) out of TT "retirement."

    So thanks, two times!


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