Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yard art Thursday -- Moo gas

Mary T. at the Work of the Poet is hosting a new meme called Yard Art Thursday. This meme features just what the title implies, all those unique and unusual things that we homeowners like to display in our yards. To check out the yard art discovered by others visit Mary and her friends at Work of the Poet.

I live in a small rural town that was one of the first American cities west of the Mississippi River. We are located on the Missouri River at the point where the River reaches its most Southern point. While not officially founded until 1839, there were settlers living here when Lewis and Clark started their trip to the west in 1804. We are fortunate to have many historic homes from the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds that have been preserved and are still in use as family homes today.

One such house is a large two story brick sitting on a corner lot of a busy intersection. Built around the time of the 1904 world fair held in St. Louis I suspect this home was once a country estate on the outskirts of a once bustling river town. Today this home is in need of a coat of paint and extensive revamping of the landscaping. After the worst winter in the last decade many locations like this one and the one I put in my Outdoor Wednesday post have lost so much of their vegetation to the ice and snow that passersby are taking note of things that could not be seen before.

Recently, I was surprised to notice the usually vine covered slopes and arbors of the side yard had been hiding the following collection of dairy cow art.


  1. I have one of those awful gas tanks, it reminds me of a submarine but I think I like the cow motif better. Ha-ha!
    Sunny :)

  2. O my goodness! Someone went to a great deal of trouble to pay tribute to a love for cows!

  3. HA! Love the propane tank :) And the Herman's Hermits playin' in the background...

    And folks are getting really creative with mailboxes, these days, wot?

  4. I love the two concrete cows!
    A nearby farmer has a tank painted like a cow. It's a little different. I'll have to get it one day.
    Herman's Hermits isn't playing at the moment but "Honey" is. I loved that song growing up.
    I'm going to go listen one more time before I go. :)

    Mine’s here: Round The Bend.

  5. Interesting post, the cow art is funny, lol !

  6. I love these cow-themed propane tanks. What fun. Great find!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;-)

  7. WOW COW. LOL love the entry. The tank is interesting.

  8. Ha I'm laughing at the cow black and white oil tank in the yard. :)

  9. Ha! Now that is great. Good eye to spot these yard art gems!!

  10. these are really great cow items shot!!! I like the tank the best!

  11. That's great. I like the painted tank. Thank you for sharing. Tam

  12. What a FUN post with a cow motif ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,


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