Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday. Long Forgotten

Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer. To check out what outdoor shots others are sharing this week visit her blog by clicking here.

My post for Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday this week tells the story of how I came to capture the photos of the old Red Barn and water pump that I posted on this week's edition of those memes. The post can be found here. I am posting the remainder of the photos I took at that same location to this week's Outdoor Wednesday.

I took all of these shots behind this building that is facing the Hawthorne Inn Restaurant in the small historic town of Labadie, Missouri.

I noticed a glimpse of red behind this building that led me to take my camera and investigate. Besides the red photos on the above link I found this wonderful old truck. The cab was full of cut logs and appears to have been long forgotten. I travel past this restaurant quite often during the warmer months, so that explains why I have never noticed this old truck or out building before. They would have been hiding behind the lush greenery that this winter has temporarily removed.

I sure would like to know what kind of old vehicle that spot of blue belongs to. But, the ground was so marshy I could not get any closer to investigate. Perhaps next trip.


  1. Whatever the theme might be these photographs are of high quality.

  2. Great photos. My curiosity would have had me exploring also.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Lovely photos, I adore old stuff and I too have an inquiring mind. I would be dieing to know what kind of car the blue one is too. Don't the vines that no longer have greenery on them look ghostly as they lay dead upon the old truck?! Loved your post! Hugs, Cindy S


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