Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Theme Thursday -- Signs

I want to give a big hand to the committee over at Theme Thursday for this week's much ado about signs. You can click on the name above to visit all the participants. I can guarantee you will find lots of unique interpretations on this weeks subject.

It is impossible to do anything in today's world without being confronted by some form of sign. Signs identify the places we need to visit, keep us on the right track when traveling and remind us to use safety in everything we do. Signs, you need them but that doesn't mean you have to like them. The signs I find excessive are the ones that keep people from being sued. We are the most litigious society in the world. Thanks to that fact, a step stool I recently purchased came with no fewer than six safety signs.

Now here are some the the signs I captured.

Some signs can be informative as well as humorous, as with this one I captured at the outdoor eatery when visiting Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Ca.

Then there are signs like this one that have no apparent reason to exist. I captured this one written on the door post of a church hall while waiting in line to enjoy their sausage supper.

This sign hangs on a tree across the road from my brother's church. It is something for the owners to be proud of so I can certainly see why they would hang it for all the world to see.

A visit to the local high school can provide an abundance of signs promoting a variety of events and activities. The ones captured on the parking lot are often the most interesting. I collected these while waiting in the car pool lane to pick up the foreign exchange students we chauffeur home several days a week.

This shot was taken at the Catholic High School. I have been meaning to inquire if it belongs the the Principle.

Could this vehicle belong to a high school band.

And, who can't help but adore the advertisement of a first love. I hope Meg and Ian's relationship made it to the end of the semester.

There are folks that like to name their personal property. I learned later that this van actually belongs to a lady from Dublin who owns an Irish import store in town.

I am including this last sign because I think it is not only a fun take on a very old joke but a lot of fun to do. Kids especially like to ring the bell when visiting this drive through pizza restaurant located in a double decker bus.

Have a great Theme Thursday everyone.


  1. Good signs!!! have a good day

  2. Interesting signs. I like the birds sign best.. Have a good weekend. Nancy

  3. I love the nun sign! Nice assortment of signs.

    My post for Theme Thursday is up here.


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