Saturday, March 27, 2010

Maxine on Saturday #11 --- Spring

"Maxine on Saturday" a new meme started by Mary over at "Work of the Poet" and dedicated to one of my favorite ladies. Maxine is someone you either love or hate. She is a gal I can't help but love and who makes me wish I had the chutzpah to copy. After all, we all think like her but usually don't have the nerve to say it out loud.

Where I live is starting to show small signs of spring. There are bits of green popping up from my mulched bed and I've noticed a few new buds on the shrubs. But, the biggest way I know that spring is here is by the constant sneezing I have been doing each time I go outside. So, I was delighted to find that Maxine and I are kindred spirits .

c John Wagner
Hallmark, Inc.

To post your favorite words of wisdom from Maxine, or just to check out others favorites hop on over to Mary's blog

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  1. Wow, two brand new Maxines! And very funny ones too! Thanks for adding to the "Maxine" meme! Happy Holiday! :)


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