Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alabama here we come

I am sitting in a hotel room somewhere outside Nashville, Tenn. Yesterday we left St. Louis and traveled through southeast Missouri across southern Illinois, Kentucky and part of Tenn. We made our way across about a hundred miles of farmland flooded when the Core of Engineers breached several levees to save the neighboring towns. I feel so sorry for all those folks whose homes happened to be in the way. We saw houses surrounded by sandbags that did no good.

By the end of today I hope to be safely at the home of my ninety-two year old Aunt in Dothan Alabama. For the last thirty years I have been the responsible daughter who took my mother back to the land of her raising to visit her family. See the article about the home place by clicking here.

As we age, our annual trips have now grown farther apart. It has been twenty-eight months since our last trip. This trip was scheduled to attend a ceremony that will be held next Sunday by SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) to unveil a monument in honor of my great-great-great grandfather, John Griffin, whose Scots-Irish family can be traced to that area long before Alabama became a state and back to Ireland long before that.

I will be missing from Blogland for a while and will catch everyone up when I return. Hopefully, with new photos I can share both here and on my photo blog.


  1. I hope you enjoy your trip. It sounds like you have some very interesting family history...

  2. Ah, I remember Dothan! :)
    Stay safe ... and have FUN!

  3. Well, since Blogger has been having problems, you will not miss much in blogland (except a bit of frustration!) Have a safe trip and come back with more stories to share!

  4. What a lovely thing to do and a wonderful trip for such a meaningful ceremony. Enjoy! (Or since you probably won't see this till you get back -- I hope you did enjoy! ;>) I look forward to a post about the ceremony -- hope you take pix.


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