Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink pony meets the Dothan Pig

There will not be much stripping or anything else, for that matter, going on in the building where I found this pink pony. This building was located in a part of southern Illinois we traveled through recently that was under about four feet of flood water. I heard it said on the local news that it will be after the first of the year before the ground in this area dries out enough to start making repairs to the flooded buildings.

"Save the pig"... is what the sign says that is located below this bright metal pig. This pig has been located in this same spot for most of the thirty years that I have been traveling to visit my Aunt in Dothan Alabama. But, the sign is new. My Aunt told me that the scrap yard that owns the pig is so well hidden by the overgrown trees that many people forget about their business, so they came up with a conversational reminder..."if you don't bring in scrap...we're going to have to scrap the pig."

The Dothan Pig was built around 1967 by Larry and Ronald Godwin. The pig is 26 feet long by about 13 feet tall and made from scrap steel. The pig's head used to move from side to side. The sculpture was created for a feed mill. The sign originally read "Going Whole Hog for Bob's Feeds" and was later changed to read "Monument to the Hog". The pig is now owned by Schnitzer Southeast, a scrap metal recycling company. The "Save the Pig" sign is just a gimmick to draw attention to their business.

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  1. Happy Pink Saturday! What an interesting post! Your observant eyes caught two unique sights....with great stories to boot.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I love your pinks today - especially the pig. Happy PS!

  3. These are get my vote for the most creative PINK entry for this week...what love love the pig...

  4. Love the pig and the strip joint sign. Too bad they are out of business because of the flood. Something tells me strippers will be strippers and will surely find another spot for their trade before too long. A great post for PS.

  5. One thing about the strip joint, they would not get their cloths wet. I love that old pink pig.

  6. the pink pig..AND the strip joint sign.
    too cute.
    xo bj


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