Thursday, May 19, 2011

Billboards and the Wind

I'm sure you have heard about the terrible tornados in the south. I snapped these two views of the same sign, from the car window, as we traveled through Fort Payne, Alabama on Monday.

This damage is minor compared to the devastation inflicted on homes, businesses, forests and especially the lives of those who lived in the tornado's path. Two weeks after the tornado and so little of the damage has been cleaned up. I saw a large trampoline folded like a taco, guardrails bent like pretzels, homes with only a few interior walls standing. One mobile home only had the bedroom closet left and I was amazed to see the clothes were still hanging on the rod.

Please pray for these folks and support whatever relief effort you are able. If you can spare the time to travel south there are certainly plenty who will welcome your time, energy and willingness to work on their behalf.

I am linking this post to Signs, Signs hosted by Lesley of Southern Ontario, discovered . To check out what interesting signs others have posted this week click here.


  1. I cannot imagine the agony of taking cover from a storm only to emerge a few minutes later to find your home and family gone and nothing left but a pile of rubble. 340 dead and many more missing. Whose vengeance is this? YLB

  2. Tornadoes are curious things for their seemingly random destruction.

    (interesting that those signs are the same that were bent out of shape!)

  3. The tornadoes this week have been even worse. A small one passed a few blocks from me a few days ago. It mostly damaged trees, but it was still too close.

  4. The weather is frightening and that sign really points it out!!

    I wanted to let you know that I can't seem to talk to you on your photo blog any more -- something is goofy about blogspot and it doesn't let me leave comments. I'm still looking and admiring!


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