Friday, May 20, 2011

Too Many

As I stated in a previous post the Old Salt and I have just returned from a whirlwind trip through the South. We escorted my mother around the land of her birth where we visited with the southern half of my extended family. While I have many pictures to share and some great tales to tell I first must show you what we encountered on our drive south.

We left St. Louis and traveled through southern Missouri, southern Illinois and Kentucky and all we saw was:
Too Many houses in floodwater

Too Many miles of highway surrounded by water

Too many places that could not be reached without a boat.

Too many people without places to live.

Too many lives, homes and businesses destroyed

When we crossed over into Alabama and Georgia we started to see

Too many stands of tall pines that looked as if a giant with a weed whacker had been there.

Too many piles of what use to be a home

Too many trees decorated with personal items and building materials

Too many homes destroyed
Way, way too many homes destroyed

Too many acres covered in piles of rubble

Too many people in need of shelter, food and clean up help.

Too many towns over burdened with shortages and need

Too many people in need of prayer.

And, all of this two to three weeks after the storms.

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  1. I always think of the damage done by storms in terms of homes and other buildings. I had not considered the damage done to forests and fields as your photos document.


  2. Here I am at last catching up and your post brings the devastation home better than many of the newscasts I saw. TV news doesn't concentrate on the aftermath and how long it takes to recover. And how the tragedy isn't over the next day, when the news moves on to something else.

    This is a great post, very well done, the 'too many' theme is perfect, your pictures are excellent (as pictures) sad as reportage.

    I am glad you were safe as you traveled.


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