Saturday, May 07, 2011

If wishes were horses......

If I could turn wishes into dollars I would have purchased two colorful items I spotted in a resale shop this week. Actually, it wasn't that I couldn't afford the cost of these two pretties, it was that I wanted to give them to a little girl I know who would be in hog heaven over them. But, alas, she has two sisters and I can't give a gift to one without giving an equal gift to the other two, especially when there is no birthday in sight.

This shop really knew how to display merchandise. They had placed all of the girly things on a brightly colored rug. That rug was what drew my attention to this adorable chair. I'm not sure what the curly medal is supposed to be? But, I would like to think it is the wings of a butterfly lady. Regardless, what little girl could resist having this beauty in her room.

The bright colors and the posy shape of this print had me wanting to place a photo of my nieces face into the big white circle. How cute would that be!

I managed to resist the temptation to purchase these adorable items and these photos are all I have to show for my visit to this lovely shop.

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  1. OK, I'm in loooove with that little chair!
    Wonder how difficult it would be to replicate?
    Maybe grab the original and use as a pattern?

    Happy Mother's Day, Rita!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a cute chair. I'm in the process of doing a tattoo style dresser I got for free. This was very inspiring.

  3. As the mother of that niece of yours she would of love both piecess. As soon as I saw the chair I thought of a butterfly, so once again we are thinking alike. Hope you have a good Mother's Day big sis. I love you!


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