Friday, May 06, 2011

How did they do that?

Have you ever been driving along some highway or country road and seen something that has you wondering "How did they do that?

Well it happens to me rather often, but, then I always have my camera in my lap and eyes peeled for anything that would make a unique blog post.

Following are some shots that fit into the sign category that had me scratching my head in amazement over all the work required to put these signs in place.

I found this big rig mounted on poles standing in the big empty of Utah ( or was it Nevada?). The sign that originally stood above the trailer was missing so I had to assume the "Truck Inn" no longer takes guests.

We pass this full size dump truck, parked on a twenty-five foot wall of giant limestone boulders, every time we go to St. Louis. It sits alongside highway 44 near Eureka, Missouri. advertising the quarry where these big rocks are mined.

This old motorcycle high on a pole is visible for blocks. We pass this cycle shop on highway 39 in Shell Knob, Missouri just before we get to the turnoff to my bother's place on Table Rock Lake.

While seeing these large vehicles up high is certainly fascinating, I still have to ask if the benefits of this advertising method offsets the expense involved in setting these large items in place, high enough to be seen?

I am linking this post to Signs, Signs hosted by Lesley of Southern Ontario, discovered . To check out what interesting signs others have posted this week click here.


  1. Apparently it is not worth taking the Truck Inn truck sign down (that is my favourite!)

  2. Once there, those are going to stay up until they fall down! It would be cool to see them being erected.

  3. trucks up high are attention grabbers, for sure!

  4. I always wodner about that stuff, too! Love the big truck!

  5. I love these things! I've seen the Truck sign. If I'm not mistaken it's near Fallon, Nevada. I think I even have a photo of it here somewhere.
    I LOVE the fringes of towns, you never know what you are going to see there...

    1. Its Been a While but the sign is in Fernley NV


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