Monday, May 02, 2011

Blue Roofs

The end of February we had the first of our big spring storms. It left damage all over town. Trees down, gutters hanging, roofing shingles lying in the streets and yards, even a few cars and houses crushed under fallen trees. You will find one post I did at the time by clicking here. Since then we have had record breaking amounts of rain mixed with high winds and even a few tornadoes. The bottom lands along the river are flooded and almost every creek and river in the area is either near or over its banks.

Yep, we have had all the water I can stand. In April we had twelve inches of rain. It rained today, was raining yesterday and it is forecast we will have rain every day this week but one.
There is only one item I am more sick of seeing than rain, and that is blue tarps. For the last eight weeks we have had blue tarps protecting leaky roofs all over town. Seems like every time the weather clears enough for the roofers to get one or two jobs done, the next rain causes a half dozen more blue tarps to go up. At this rate it will be Halloween before all the blue tarps dotting the roofs around town go away.

We live in the first townhouse of a row of four. The Old Salt and I were among the lucky ones. While winterizing our house last fall the Old Salt climbed on our roof and repaired the areas he felt were loose. So we had no damage, but, all three of our neighbors did. Two were re-roofed this last week on the only dry day we had and the other is still covered with a blue tarp.

Did I mention I am tired of rain and blue tarps covering damaged roofs?

I am linking this photo to Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sallie.
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  1. Glad your roof was ok. Sending sunny thoughts your way!

  2. Those blue tarps remind me of South Florida after a bad hurricane. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rita.

  3. Hope no-one is planning on selling up - all those blue tarps won't help property values, either!

  4. We stayed near Mobile/Pensacola one winter -got there in December after a Hurricane had happened in September (I forgot which one -- this was pre-Katrina).....anyway there were blue roofs everywhere and many were still there when we left in April. (NOt to depress you or anything ;>)....

    We went through there again a year ago last Feb on our way here and everything was all better.


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