Saturday, October 09, 2010

Had to do a double take

The Old Salt and I were having dinner today at our favorite diner when I glanced at the couple sitting across the aisle from us. I did one of those comic movie double takes. Then I suggested the Old Salt glance that way and got the pleasure of watching him do the same thing I had just done. If you are just looking around and see the lady below in profile you might just think you were sitting across from Sarah Palin.

A Sarah Palin look alike?

We bumped into the couple as we were leaving the restaurant and had a nice conversation. Her name is Linda and she was very gracious when I asked for her photograph. Her husband has started calling her his "little Sarah" because so many people ask if anyone besides them has ever commented on Linda's resemblance to the ex governor of Alaska.


  1. I can only imagine how you must have felt in that diner .... could it be?!
    I'd have had chill bumps all over!
    .... what gracious ladies, both "Sarah's"!

  2. Well, here's another Sarah Palin look alike...funny.


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