Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday --- birthday sisters visit

I've mentioned before that I share my birthday with a sister who lives in Omaha. My nieces were on fall break this week, so my birthday sister and her family made a surprise visit home for a few days. Thursday night a bunch of my siblings and their children gathered at the local Pasta House for dinner and a brief visit with my sister. Friday morning the Old Salt and I accompanied my birthday sister and her family on a scenic drive to the little town of Augusta with the intention of spending the day apple picking. However the apple season had already ended and we ended up visiting a pumpkin patch instead.

We had a great time in the fields, mazes and playgrounds with my nieces and enjoyed some beautiful weather and catching up with my mother, sister and BIL. While downloading my photos earlier today I discovered that I had also captured some great pictures to share with Tracy and all of her friends over at Shadow Shot Sunday.

As this photo shows, not all of the country roads around here are paved. And, some of them have such large trees beside them that it is like driving into a tunnel of shadows.

On the playgrounds of the pumpkin patch was this old fort looking area. The fence was a great place to capture some shadows.

Not only were there shadows on the fence, the fence also made some fantastic shadows around the slides.

If you will click this photo and blow it up you will be amazed at all the hidden shadows it contains. How many different areas can you count?

Have a great week everyone. I am linking this post to Shadow Shot Sunday. For more great shadow shots click the camera badge to visit Tracy and her friends over at Hey Harriet and join in the fun.


  1. Beautiful shadows you have!

    Shadow Shots , have a blessed Sunday

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  3. Dear Rita,
    thank you for visiting my blog for P.S.. It's been a great pleasure indeed meeting another Rita and I'm so glad you popped over so that i could find YOU and your beautiful blog. I've enjoyed reading your Shadow Shot Sunday post and also took the opportunity to go to your P.S. post. very unusual and indeed great fun.
    Have a fab week


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