Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday --- The Yellow Cowboy

The Old Salt and I seldom have as much activity and excitement worth blogging about, at one time, as we had today. And, the best part is that it was totally unexpected and happened right in our own backyard.

We live in the corner unit of a row of townhouses. Our kitchen window faces the firehouse on the other side of a busy street. Outside our kitchen door is a fenced patio and beyond the fence is a large grassy lawn that connects to the grounds of a Baptist Church.

By midmorning, the firehouse was buzzing with people, the parking lot was full of antique fire trucks. Visitor's cars were starting to line the street along the side of our house. We soon learned that Fire Station #1 was having an open house and hosting a display of antique fire engines. I will be blogging more about that later this week.
I was busy snapping photos at the firehouse, motorcycles began to descend on our street. Bikes were arriving in groups ranging from a single rider to two or three. Then there were groups of six or seven. Before long, it seemed to be a constant stream of bikers. Soon there were bikes backed up to the curb on both sides of the street starting at the far end of the street and extending for nearly a block. The street from our front yard to the intersection is two blocks long and it was literally lined from one end to the other in bikes and fire trucks.

From a chat with one of the bikers I quickly learned the bikers had come from as far away as Iowa and were all headed to the Baptist church for a funeral. I will be posting my biker photos and more later this week as well.

As I was walking down the street shooting photos and counting the number of bikes (137) I met a very nice and colorful biker from the small town of Swiss, Missouri and I want to link his story and bike to this week's Mellow Yellow Monday. So let me introduce you to the yellow cowboy. Sorry to say that is the only name he would give me.

He rides a Harley that he modified and rebuilt himself, and it is certainly one of a kind. The axial, wheels and fenders came from a 1939 Ford. He saved the hub caps from a motorcycle he had in high school. The passenger seat was from a John Deere Tractor that he had recovered in yellow leather and he proudly said it would fit any size woman. And, of course he calls his bike "The Hoss."

It even has a saddle.

The yellow cowboy never travels without his faithful sidekick he named ..... the "Yellow Bellied Sapsucker."

The Yellow Cowboy and the Sapsucker are members of the Christian Motorcycle Association "CMA" and they were both:

and believe that:

When I commented on the coffee sticker, the Yellow Cowboy told me he was an aloholic for twenty seven years but for the last ten years he only drank coffee. He also said that yellow is his favorite color (really?) and everything in his life is yellow. He has two yellow bikes, two yellow trucks, a yellow lab and every ceiling in his house is painted a bright sunny yellow.

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  1. Well, he looks very confident there in his yellow attire!

  2. That's what I noticed right away the array of yellow's in his motor and accessories. What a great shot and thanks for sharing. Thank you for the visit too.
    Indian Corn
    Favorite Snack

  3. Great shots!

    Pumpkin Carving for mellow yellow, have a great week ahead!

  4. Nice biker. Glad you got someone who like to wear yellow. Hey Rita. The graphic on my blog you asked for. I do have a link on the upper side of my page. That where I got my stuffs for pink. Have a great day.

  5. This is my second year as a CMA'er and it is one of the finest organizations on earth. Glad to see you were able to meet and learn a little of us. Great story. Shalom


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