Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Old Barns ----- Warren County Missouri

Since taking the summer off from blogging I have gotten very far behind on checking in with some of my favorite blogs. Tonight I finally had time to catch up with one of my favorite photo bloggers. Tricia, is a fellow Missourian whose blog "Bluff Area Daily" records daily photos from around the southeastern part of the state and the Poplar Bluff area especially. I love her work and it keeps me up to date with a part of the state I do not get to visit very often.

I can't tell you how excited I was to discover that during my absence from blogland, she started a new meme related to old barns. Hunting down and photographing old barns is one of my favorite activities. The Old Salt is convinced he will have to bail me out of jail for trespassing to capture some of these old structures one of these days.

Thank you Tricia for giving me this chance to post my first of what I hope will be many entries to your new meme.

While I probably have hundreds of old barns in my archives, and many that have long been abandoned, this happens to be one that was still in my camera. I snapped this shot a few days ago during a drive into the next county to pick up an item I found on Craigslist. This old barn appears to have been standing for quite a while, and it is still in daily use. In fact my next shot in the sequence was of a group of cows that are just out of camera range in this shot.

To join the fun by posting your old barn photos or to just enjoy the photos taken by others visit Tricia and her friends at Bluff Area Daily.


  1. Nice shot of that big ole' barn. I think it is great that it is still in use!

    Thanks for stopping by blog!

  2. That's a fantastic old barn, Rita, and still in use? WoW! I think they may need to make some repairs soon, but that's quite alright, I love them all!!!

    Thanks so much for joining my new meme & I'm so excited to see more!


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