Friday, October 22, 2010

Nieman Marcus has done it again..............

I don't know how I would function without my computerized date book. This morning, it sent me an email reminding me that I only have seven weeks left; before needing to have the christmas gifts, for the Old Salts grandkids, in the mail to assure they arrive before the big day.

That little bit of news got the old noggin to working in overdrive, wondering what we should plan to buy for the girls this year. Those thoughts reminded me of an article I read recently about the worlds best playhouse. Yea, why not. Kids, love playhouses, right?

And, this is not just any old playhouse. This playhouse happens to be six and a half feet tall and wide enough for even a large adult to spread her arms and twirl without touching the walls. I have known kids with playhouses and I know how much fun they can be. So perhaps you should get busy and build one of these for your little princess. If you are not the handyman type you can order one on line and have it installed by christmas morning.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this is an edible playhouse. Yes, whenever the kiddies get hungry they can just break off a piece of the trim or knock out a chunk of glass from the window and have a snack.

This playhouse is made from 381 pounds of "gourmet gingerbread" and 517 pounds of "royal icing." Plus there is enough edible landscaping to keep a neighborhood of children satisfied for quite a while.

By the way, the asking price is a paltry fifteen thousand dollars and can be found in the new Nieman Marcus Christmas Catalog. But, I'm sure if you wanted to undertake building one of these playhouses yourself you could bring it in for under....perhaps fifteen hundred?

So hop on over to this website and check it out by clicking here.

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  1. WOW ... I wonder if the dear folks at NM come over and bake it on site?!
    I used to love getting their annual catalog. Mind you, I couldn't afford anything except the assorted (dessert) breads - but how my Mom loved them!


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