Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blank Signboard and Bored Husbands

My blogging buddy Lesley over at the blog "Southern Ontario, Discovered" is the host of the weekly meme "Signs,Signs".  Signs are not something that come my way every week but today I have one recent capture and several I discovered in my archives I had forgotten.  

Last month, I posted a picture on my photo blog of a herd of cows seeking shelter from the heat in a grove of trees.  You will find it here.  While standing at the fence snapping shots of the cows I noticed this signboard on a fencepost.  If you look closely at the bottom you'll see a strand of barbed wire. I'm guessing here but, I believe, this signboard, since it is blank, is used to post "No Trespassing" and other such notices.  Five small screws and a small circle of plastic are the only evidence the placard must have blown away.  

I found this chair and another like it outside a card shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico during out visit in the fall of 2009.  

While visiting Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline, Missouri this spring I found the above sign posted on an old pay telephone for sale in one of the shops.  The phone numbers  are a bit out of date, though.  I guess, that is expected for something being offered for sale at and antique shop. 

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  1. LOL i love the bored husband chair!
    Hmmmn, i'd like to call the queen.:p


  2. I like all 3 of them, nice captures.
    The first sign makes me curious..

  3. These are great captures, Rita! Love the bored husband chair...I have seen a few of those - minus the signs - what a clever idea! And that one with the phone numbers - too funny! Who you gonna call????

  4. These are great signs this week. Love the bored husband one and the queen's + Clinton's phone numbers listed as IMPORTANT numbers. Great choices this week. genie


  5. I love the phone numbers - and that HM's number is one off from the PM's!

  6. I like this meme but it always seems to fall on a day where I have something else to 'say'....but I certainly have a bunch of photos squirreled away in my archives...hope to participate next week. Love the chair with 'bored husband' a classic!!

  7. Love the phone numbers! How funny. And every store needs a Bored Husband chair.

  8. The bored husband chair is wonderful! So many shops could use one! :-) And boy, I wonder if any of those phone numbers are still good! Like to give a few of those people a piece of my mind! :-)


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