Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tibbe's House

I live in small rural riverfront town established in 1839.  Our population last census was about fourteen thousand.  If you could take a walking tour of my town you would be surprised by the number of homes and commercial buildings still in use, that are well over one hundred years of age.  There are a few that are quite grand even by today's standards.  

We have an entire section of our downtown area where these historic home are located that have been placed on the Historic Homes Registry.  The one I am featuring today is one of those homes.  I chose this house for today's post for several reasons but they all have to do with one thing, the fence.  

First, backyard fencing is common here but front yard fences are rather rare. Most of those that do exist have been grandfathered in.  By that I mean they were here before our current fencing laws were passed so they do not have to meet the current fencing standard.  As long as they are kept in good repair they are allowed.  Most of the front yard fences you will see in town are of the white picket variety.  This is one of the few iron fences I know about.  

This three story home is located on the corner of a wide avenue in a very busy part of the historic district.  I'm sure it was considered a mansion when it was built in 1878 and is still very grand today.  

I took this shot over the top of the fence.  It shows the side patio in front of the garage.  There is a lovely trellis like gazebo and lots of large old shade trees. 

This wrought iron fence surrounds the entire property.

As you can see by the sign in the yard this home is currently for sale.  I learned from the real estate listing this home was built by the Tibbe's family and was the first home in town with running water and electricity.  The home retains many of its original features but the most impressive one visible from the street is the wrought iron fence.   

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  1. OK, I'm officially intrigued!!!
    Wondering if the agent will have an open house, and you might capture pix of the interior.
    Ironic. Not that long ago, I was all about new construction and simple lines ... but these last few years I'm drawn to the "old bones."

    1. Myra, if you click on the words in bold that say "real estate listing" it will take you to the posting for this house on the realtors website. There are ninety photos posted there that will show you everything from the door knobs to the attic.

  2. Wrought iron fence are the best!

  3. Quite a stately old home and lovely!
    Love the fence and if I lived 'in town' I'd want one. :)

  4. The lovely house and fence go well together.

  5. What a gorgeous place! That fence matches the house and I am glad the city "allowed" them to keep it! It would be fun to tour that house -

  6. Your town sounds and looks so charming! I reminds me a lot of our little town of Hanover Pa. WE have a population of 15 thousand and lots of historic homes n a few Mansions! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lovely place and so charming and looks very well maintained. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Beautiful stately home... a very interesting and charming old town; neat place to live.

  9. I am calling by from Friday Fences what a fascinating post for the meme.

  10. I love that recessed gate and the fence is pretty awesome, too.


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