Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mystery "M" Word

Miss Jenny Matlock who Manages the classroom over at Alphabe Thursday has assigned her students the Letter "M
for this week's challenge.  

I am going to leave my "M" word a Mystery until the last Moment to see if you can figure out what these Many items have in common.  

Monarch butterfly sculpture located in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Magenta  beaked Mallard captured in my cousin's yard 
Pavilion roof Made of rebar located at the highway
reststop in New Madrid, Missouri 

I followed this purple Motorcar into a Mobile Home Park 
Moose sculpture located on a stone Mound in Branson, Missouri 
This Male sheep sculpture faces the Moose in Branson, Missouri 

Mated wheels located in my sister's yard 
Water tower located on a rooftop in Kansas City, Missouri 
This rooster calls my cousin's family in for Meals
This Mass of chain once anchored Massive riverboats on the dock
in Washington, Missouri 
So, have you got that "M" word yet?  I'm sure you already know that all of these Miscellaneous items are Made of "METAL."  Metals are usually Malleable Materials that are also ductile and shiny, that is, they reflect light.

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  1. What a fabulous job you did today with "M"! I did guess metal, but what a wonderful collection of metals you gave us! Very clever!

  2. My, my...what a mystery;)great job with metal!

  3. You get a definite A+ for your M post. Very creative -- and great pictures as well.

  4. Wonderful! Great photos and fun idea ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Fascinating photos or is that fascinating fotos? At any rate I love seeing all your pictures today.

  6. I guessed it, Rita. Excellent "M" word and I dearly hope that Jenny gives you an "A" grade for creativity.

    My favorite picture is the rusty water tower.
    Thank you for your visit, it has been a long time since we made a reading/commenting exchange.

  7. Fun photos. One of my favorite things to do is to go to the scrap yard and photograph old rusty things and see if my friends can guess what they are.

  8. Dear friend,
    You are soooooo GREAT at what you do. I always have a smile when I visit here!! Good job once again.

  9. Metal! Metal! I guessed!

    Because I have a small infatuation with metal.

    My favorite is that last post with the rusty chain!

    But all your pictures were marvelous!

    Thank you for linking.



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