Wednesday, August 08, 2012

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Last week I posted about the farmers market in town.  I mentioned in that post that the reason I was at the market that day was to pick up a custom sign I had ordered previously.  I purchased that sign as a surprise for the Old Salt on his birthday which happens to be today.  I wanted  to show him how much he means to me and express how his coming into my life as improved every aspect of my existence.  

 This photo shows the wall beside our desks in our home office.  The first sign is the one I purchased at the farmers market. 

 The second was given to me by the Old Salt earlier this year.  He saw it when we were in Branson on vacation and said it fit me to a tee. He is always telling me that besides being the worst nag he has ever know that I am also extremely Bossy.  But, he always says both in the most loving way. 

 The third we have had for years and it is a reminder to us both that our office does not clean itself.    

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  1. great signs! i bet he loves the one you gave him for his birthday.:p

    love the wood of the second sign.


  2. What a wonderful sign for his birthday! I love them mom had one made for me once, when I was still working every day, that was carved from wood and said: "And your point is?" I managed a very large office complex - safety, maintenance, executive assistant, you name it. And I had a real problem with people who could spend hours getting to the point of a statement. I love signs! That one is special, and I am sure means a lot to him - you and I are so very lucky to have found such good men at this point in our lives!

  3. that's a lovely sign and a sweet gift
    very romantic
    Happy Birthday

  4. I think you picked the perfect present!

  5. a prince with a flourish.
    you are such a romantic - love it.
    (p.s. and thank you for your consistent commenting on my irregular posts. I get a wee thrill when I see them. I hope to get back on track soon.)

  6. Happy Birthday, to your Frank!
    Fair weather and following seas!
    Carolynn ;)

  7. What gal wouldn't love this "bossy" declaration! Heck, they all provoked my smile.
    Hope Frank's birthday was a very special one!

  8. OK, that's the best, most touching Sign post I've ever seen -- I love this. Happy (belated) birthday to your sweetie!!! What a perfect present. (I am very very bad at choosing good gifts -- I could use you as a coach.)

  9. These are all great signs! You guys sound like you have a similar relationship to mine and my hubby's. :-)


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