Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kiels Party Hole

There is a very small building on the corner of one of the main streets in my town that has been a Tavern as long as I have lived in town.    
Awhile back a new sign went up out front announcing a change of name. 

 This spring a chalkboard began appearing beside the entrance.  Every time I pass by there is some new message.  I've seen everything from famous quotes and funny expressions to a witty joke; but always with a punch line or message related to the bars product.  Yesterday, was our first day of school and the chalkboards message was for all the teachers in town.  

Not so sure I wouldn't be giving the owner a call if I were a local teacher. 

 How about you?   

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  1. All in good fun, I hope!
    I have quite a few teachers as patients and I expect to get busier after Labour Day when they go back to school. All in good fun, I hope!

  2. The owner has humor, that's for sure, lol !

  3. It does seem rather a strange comment!

  4. I know the feeling. A good shot of whiskey can make you forget the stress.

  5. they must have been scraping hard to find something seasonal.

  6. Apparently my ninth-grade algebra teacher was an alcoholic. She was a good teacher and hid it well from her students, but I lived in a small town. My grandparents told me after I graduated from high school, I wonder of my class made her hit the bottle. Hmmmm.

  7. That is poor taste to me. Should a teacher hit the bottle, then she would probably hit a child.


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