Thursday, August 02, 2012

We Piddle Around

During our visit to Brundidge Alabama last year I captured the above sign.  I found it interesting and had no idea what it could stand for.  I did however take the photo with Lesley's sign meme in mind.  Life and health issues got in the way and I forgot about it until I happened on it in my archives.  I researched this sign and was quite surprised by what I found out.  The "We Piddle Around" is a dinner theater and the following information and photos were taken from the theater website.

this photo curtesy of the theater website

The theater is housed in the former Brundidge City Hall built in 1940 as a Works Project Administration (WPA) project.
The WPA provided jobs for those who desperately needed to work. However, the WPA workers (at least in this area) gained the reputation, rightly or wrongly, of being folks who were "just piddling around" on the taxpayers dime rather than putting in a full day's hard work. The WPA was, therefore, dubbed "We Piddle Around."

When the Brundidge Historical Society was considering names for the theater, many suggestions were made but none so fitting as the We Piddle Around Theater. A good bit of piddlin' and a whole lot of hard work went into the theater and its original folk life play, "Come Home, It's Suppertime."  Everyone involved with the theater hope that those who share nights with them will leave believing all the piddlin' has been worthwhile.
this photo curtesy of the theater website

The website describes the "Come Home, It's Suppertime" folk life play as follows:

"Perhaps you've heard your grandma tell stories bout sittin' up with the dead, bout beatin' the blackberry bushes to run off snakes or meetin' the rollin' store. Maybe you've heard your grandpa talk about hog killin' time or fightin' the demons of the cotton field, plowin' behind a stubborn ol' mule or makin' moonshine whiskey. Well, when you "Come Home" to supper at the We Piddle Around Theater, you can pull up a chair, grab a chicken leg and a baked sweet tater and listen to a bushel of stories and tap your toes to the music 'til they're just about too tired to walk you on home."

My Mother was born and raised around Brundidge, Alabama and we visit family there as often as possible.  You can bet that the next time we plan a trip there, I am going to check the theater schedule    and make sure our itinerary includes time to see "Come Home, Its Suppertime".      


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  1. What fun! Looks like just my kind o place to visit.

  2. Very interesting choice to name the theater in that way! It would be fun to see a play like the one you describe!

  3. Oh I love the name and the building and you better get tickets it would be delightful. B

  4. I can't think that any name could beat this one!
    And I am glad that my meme inspired you to take a photo - otherwise you might have forgotten about it altogether!

  5. One of my Moms favorite expressions....."I'm just piddling around"....What an interesting post!
    I hope you are staying cool in these dog days of August!
    Carolynn ;)

  6. great place, great name, great sign :)

  7. I am glad you rediscovered the photo. I would have taken it to mean something else.

  8. That is really fascinating Rita -- I had never heard that political take on the acronym (my folks were ardent Democrats, so they wouldn't have thought that).....but it is interesting to remember that not everybody approved of such a positive program! (Um, I could get all political here but I won't).....anyway I am really glad you remembered this photo and shared it...and I wish I could go to one of the plays!


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