Friday, August 31, 2012


There is a Cab Company in my area that has some unique Taxi's.  I have tried to get a good photo of one of them for some time now.  Without actually calling for one to pick me up, the ones I have seen have either managed to catch me without my camera or my drive by shot was not good enough to use.  

One of the memes I have been playing the longest is Pink Saturday.  Now, I've admitted here more than once that pink is not one of my favorite colors. Perhaps that is why I seldom  find something pink worth sharing. Lately, I have been finding the color pink as elusive as those taxicab's I've been chasing.

A few days ago I scored on both counts.  I finally caught one of the taxi's parked waiting for its fare when I was on foot and carrying my camera.  I also captured my first pink shot in months.   

They both happen to be one and the same since those elusive
 taxicabs are painted a shocking pink.  

Heck, there was even a handsome driver,  
willing to smile for my camera

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  1. We took a Pink Jeep tour when we were in Sedona, AZ. Takes a strong man to drive a pink cab!

  2. Wow. Shouldn't miss that cab. Fun!

  3. Those are adorably cute! Might almost be worth paying a cab fare (I think I've only taken a taxi maybe three times in my life!)

  4. So pretty! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    I hope that you can also visit my PINK. You may also link up to my Color Connection if you'd like. Thanks!

  5. LOVE this taxi! How very innovative! I mean, there are plenty of other color taxis...why not pink! It sure catches you eye! :-)

    I wanted to tell you how neat it was to hear that you used to own a catering business, and also a restaurant. LOTS of very hard work! Believe me, I know!!! The SIL and daughter are part-owners of the restaurant he is chef for (and she is pastry chef-in-training) They have both been working in restaurants for a collective 25 years! I used to bake and decorate wedding, anniversary and birthday cakes, but gave it up long ago because I got completely burned out! :-)

    Thanks for the tip about the were the second person to tell me I probably didn't plant enough to get them germinated! I want to grow corn SO BADLY but having half the yard planted in it would be quite an undertaking! Oh, well, nothing is worth doing if not doing right....right? :-)

  6. Love the pink! Praying a speedy recovery from your eye surgery.


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