Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From Behind

Over at "Written, Inc."  Carmi who host the photo challenge "Thematic Photographic " has requested that we feature photos taken with the rear view in mind this week.  He has titled this challenge "From Behind." 

This is a week long challenge and the rules allow us to post a new entry each day if we so choose.  Yesterday I posted my first entry on my Photo Blog in two parts.  Those posts can be found here and here.   

Here are a few more of the "From Behind" shots I would like to share. 

Today was the first day of the new school year.  I happened to catch these young boys as they walked to school.  I got the feeling from the posture of the younger boy that he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.  But, it could just be that his backpack was to heavy.  Or, was he sad to see the summer end? 

 I snapped this shot of a Father and Daughter out for a Sunday ride a few weeks ago.  If you click to enlarge and look closely you will see reflections in both the helmets and the fathers face in the rearview mirror.  

I enjoy making the rounds of the antique and thrift stores in town on a regular bases. I took this shot of the back of a chest of drawers a while back when I realized it was covered with an old medal ceiling panel.  I liked the pattern and found it more interesting then the front of the chest.  

To check out what rear views others have found to share or to join the fun visit Carmi and his friends at the link below.  

Linking to Thematic Photographic #209


  1. Such a difference between trudging back to school and getting a ride with dad!

    Lovely pics, Rita.

  2. So glad you pointed out those reflections!!! :) And I really love the back of that chest of drawers. Imagine hiding that against a wall!!

  3. Oh these are just so super special! It makes the moments feel like they were in motion and moving off the picture! Very cool!

  4. I love how you think "outside the box", Rita! That chest of drawers pix immediately caught my eye.
    Then, of course, who can resist those two boys and their backpacks! "Just another day" may have put a lump in more than one person's throat, don't-cha imagine?

  5. It looks as if the smaller boy is struggling to keep up 0r is he just reluctant to go back to school. That chest of drawers is very effective - you would never guess what it was without being told.

  6. You find the most interesting memes! I loved that tin ceiling panel on the back of the chest!

  7. Ahh, back to school. That first one is quite fitting for me, Monday is the first day of school for our students.

  8. That first photo made my heart melt, Rita, as it brought back incredibly vivid, not-so-long-ago memories of my kids returning to school. Our little man would follow his sister she's always been his hero.

    Here's the link


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