Sunday, October 28, 2012

Come and Gone

This collection of sunny yellow posies were all taken during a recent visit to the Old Salt's brother in Columbia, Missouri.  I was so surprised to find this field full of blooming sunflowers in mid October.  I have no idea what the other yellow blooms are but I found them along the riverbank at Eagles Bluff Wildlife Preserve.  

Fall has come and gone if this giant Maple tree is any example.  This collage contains photos of the same tree taken two weeks apart.  This Maple sits in the field behind my house. The shots were taken at different times of day from different spots in my backyard. 

The leaves have blown into my yard and those of my neighbors to be raked up and placed at the curb for collection.  If you enlarge this photo, you will notice that the bare tree is still the favorite resting place of all the robins that feed off the insects in this field.  

While autumn is not my favorite time of year,  I have to admit I am more partial to the look of this tree when the bare limbs are silhouetted against the evening sky.    

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  1. What a gorgeous tree. It must have been glorious with all that color. The grass is so green there still...

  2. I love the fall colors - we were hoping to see some on our trip to Cape Cod, but we were a little behind the color peak. Hope you are well - I am trying to play catchup since we are unexpectedly home waiting for this monster storm! Have missed everyone!!!

  3. Well wow, that went by fast! I always used to like tree "bones"...the bare skelton against the sky...but I don't see trees in that state very often any more.

    You've added some cute new T-shirts over there (or at least ones I haven't seen)...making me laugh!

  4. Fall is beautiful!

    Visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday.
    Pile of Leaves is my entry.
    Have a safe week ahead!

  5. In two weeks time all leaves are gone. Amazing.

    Dropping by from Mellow Yellow
    Scoop and Snap - One Silent Night


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