Tuesday, October 23, 2012

E. A. S. Y Tuesday Again

It's time once again for E. A. S.Y. Tuesday.  I'm finding that coming up with one or two photos starting with these letters is no problem. It's much harder than I expected to gather photos for all four of these letters each week. Being creative with items that start with the letter "Y" is especially hard.  I hope I don't burn everyone out with all my shots of yards and things yellow.  That said, here are my entries for this week. 

How about a nice little "Ewe."

There are lots of apple trees in my area.  I've also found that getting a good shot of the apples is not so easy when you don't want to trespass to get close enough to photograph them.  These happen to be crabapples.  The trees are planted on a church property and line the street close to my house.  The day after I took this photo a strong wind blew all the crabapples into the street. By the time I drove by again the street was covered in applesauce.    

How many dentist's do you know that have a swing on their parking lot?
  Mine does.  But then, she brings her small children to work with her everyday and the nanny needs a way to give them some outdoor playtime.

Two weekends ago, we visited the Old Salt's brother in Columbia, Missouri.  Just down from his house was a large apartment complex with a vacant lot in front of the buildings.  It was full (and I do mean full) of these yellow flowers.  Not sure if they are mini sunflowers, black-eyed susan's or something else but, it sure was a wonderful field of yellow and they are my "Y" shot for this week.  

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