Thursday, October 25, 2012

Community Signs

 Near where I live there is a roadside farmers market where I often shop.  It works on the honor system and this is a shot of the pay box or Money Can. 

During a recent visit to the Old Salt's brother in Columbia, Missouri I captured this sign at the entrance to a large apartment complex. Several things bothered me about this sign.  First, I believe a few things are missing that should be there like skateboarding and double parking, second a few of the included items immediately told me this was not a place I would care to live. What is your opinion?

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  1. Hate NO signs even when they're things I'd never do and hope nobody else does -- I just hate being yelled at. That being said, we have some of those here in this RV Park, which otherwise I love.

    Love that there's an honor system at the farm stand and that's a very cute money box.

  2. the second sign does not look very welcoming, whereas I love the honour system sign.
    I wonder if the people who love there are not allowed to walk their dogs??

  3. should be 'live' there. sheesh.


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