Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thou art the Great Cat

Yesterday, I visited the local Humane Society.  
While there I captured the following animal related signs.  

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  1. Very true ! the cat is the king or queen in the house !

  2. Perfect signs...and perfect descriptions of cats! Love it!

  3. Great ! Cats are said to be poetry. Wonderful proof. Please have a good Friday.

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  4. all so very true.
    I like the first one best!

  5. Fabulous signs -- all true. I don't suppose that's why you went, but it sure turned out to be a great place for signs.

    PS: Your T-Shirt slide show is making me laugh today.

  6. HA! Those were all really good.
    I saw one the other day that said, "If cats had the ability to talk to us....they wouldn't!"


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