Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vampires and Brides

 I have to admit I no longer understand Halloween or, at least the "Trick or Treat" part.  I live in the first house at the entrance to a large complex of condos and apartments.  Lots of kids can be seen here every day.  But, come Halloween night few show up at my door. Despite all the decorations I place in my yard, the bright lights illuminating my walkway and the basket full of treats at the ready my doorbell seldom rings.    

As I write this, it is going on eight o'clock and we have had exactly two little ones.  And they were the children of friends that stopped by at four o'clock on their way to visit one of the huge subdivisions, in one of the wealthy neighborhoods.  

I've been told by some of the parents in my complex that they do not like taking their children around our neighborhood because the layout of the buildings takes to much time and so many of the residents work in the city that   the doorbells aren't answered.  They like the more plush pickings that the big subdivisions across town offer.  

Over at the Thursday Photo Challenge this week's theme is "Dress Up" and I was hoping to capture some shots of adorable little ghost and gobbles as they came to my door.  Since that is not going to happen I am resorting to my plan "B" and several shots I took yesterday.    

While sitting at the stop light at Jefferson and Fifth Streets I notice something unusual in the window of the Bridal Shop on that corner.  I pulled over and got this shot of a bride holding a skull.  If you look closely you will also see some strange reflections in the window.  They are from the tire shop across the street.

During my visit to Wal-mart last night, I ran into Paula one of the greeters.   I retired from this store, when I married the Old Salt, and I have known Paula forever.  She is a sweet lady and if I remember correctly she has to be nearing eighty.  Paula, told me she was the only associate that dressed up for their shift this year so she won the "best costume" prize by default.  She also said she was dressed as a your friendly Wal-mart Vampire with bats bouncing on her head.   

Linking to the Thursday Challenge
This weeks theme is "Dress Up."


  1. No, I'll never understand the philosophy of today's trick-or-treaters ... color me "old"! lol.

    Your friend, Paula, looks awesome!!!

  2. Wowser, not retiring has been real good to that lady -- she looks amazing. Trick or treat used to be fun when there were a zillion kids -- we used to put a pot of soup on and just, you know, answer the door (and take turns who stayed home and who took our own kids out )..but even before we sold our "real" house it had got down to the point of just two or three and that's not fun. You can't just relax for the evening, but it's not enough to make a fun nite of entertainment itself. So yeah, now we just turn off the lights like a couple of old grouches.


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