Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments #220

It's Friday once again and time to report on all those small things and fragmented bits of our life that have happened in the last week.  

A few days ago I stopped at the local Sonic just after the nearby junior high   let out and the patio was full of school kids.  I noticed this hat and at first misread it to say "I heart Hatters!".  Thinking of my Hat Parade (on the sidebar) I grabbed my camera and headed for the kid wearing it.  When I got closer I realized what it actually said and was dumbfounded.  Why would anyone love a person who hates?  After a conversation with the young man and his mother, I learned this expression is a fad going around the school.  It is actually like saying the wearer loves it when they see others being jealous of the things they have.  It means you're successful in life if you have Haters.  In other words, if people hate you, you're pretty awesome.  Make sense?  Not to me!

This afternoon I was sitting in line at a local drive-thru restaurant (yeah, we've had a lot of lunches out lately) when I noticed a group of kids skateboarding on the parking lot across from me.  I managed to get this shot while I waited for my order. Yes, the lot has "No Skateboarding" signs posted.  

I posted several times recently about things that have caused me to be absent for extended periods from blogland.  Last week that list increased with some new medical issues.   Regrettably, I realize I can no longer continue to do the almost daily posting I have done over the last few years. However, I am not ready to give up blogging completely. My time spent blogging still fills a need within me.  

I started this blog many years ago for three reasons.  One was to have a   creative outlet for both my writing and my photography.  Second was to find my own sense of identity and the last was the hope that blogging would help me  work through some of the stress in my life.  I ended up finding so much more than I expected. I found a world full of interesting people and places. I have made friends, fallen in love and even found my soulmate.  

It is wonderful to have so many loyal readers and I very much enjoy all the comments that are made to my posts. I greatly appreciate all the wonderful people who follow my blogs and delight in the responses you leave me.  I feel guilty that I can no longer return every visit I receive. But, even if I never have another visitor or received another comment to one of my posts, I will continue (when I am able) to write and publish what I can for the pleasure I receive from it. 

I hope you will continue to look for posts on my blog, because you receive some enjoyment from my humble efforts.  I promise I will continue to stop by to visit each of you as time and energy permits.  

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  1. You are on my "A" list of blogs, so I do look for your posts. I am sorry to hear about new issues, but you do as much or as little as you see fit. We will be here and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I haven't been commenting like I used to, but it's pretty easy to schedule a few posts ahead of time. My daily posts will probably come to an end soon too. Take care.

  2. Having taught Junior High I did hear that use of the word "hate" or "Hater." So I do get what the hat means - it's like taking the criticism in life and turning it into motivation to succeed.

    I LOVE the action shot you captured with the skateboarder, even if he IS practicing his craft in a no skateboard zone!

  3. Wonderfully said, Rita!
    When posting becomes an obligation, where is the satisfaction or even the fun?
    Wishing you a sweetly, oh-so satisfying day!

  4. Its funny how a photo can bring back such a vivid memory. My younger brother was an amazing skateboarder (although he did drive me a bit nuts with it at times)I miss him.
    Oh the hater hats. The kids here are wearing them and the tee shirts. I really dislike.
    I hope your health issues are temporary.
    Have a Blessed weekend.

  5. What you wrote about blogging is very touching. Take care of yourself and blog when time allows without guilt.


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