Friday, October 19, 2012


I wanted to update the post I did two weeks ago.  I posted here explaining my absence from blogging.  Many thanks to everyone who commented or e-mailed me with their concern and support.  

I'm happy to report my grandson is much improved and has returned to school.   

My friend passed away earlier this week and we will attend her funeral on Saturday. My nephew is getting married on Saturday as well, so it will be a busy and bittersweet day for the Old Salt and me.  

While I have grabbed a few minutes here and there to publish a quick post I must admit that my heart has not been in it. As a result, I have not been visiting with others and hope you will all understand and forgive my absence.  

I sat down a few days ago and did a tally of my appointment book.  I was shocked to discover that during the thirty days of September we had nineteen doctor's appointments between us.  We have had fifteen so far for October, so   we will surpass September.  Both of us usually have mostly good days but we each have chronic illnesses that will always be with us. Thus, a never ending series of medical visits.  This reality has, of late, left me with a severe case of melancholy.  NO, I am not suffering from clinical depression but I have been feeling rather sad. Someone said that there is something wrong with a twenty year old who is cynical and sad and that there is something wrong with a sixty-five year old who isn't.  I'm sure this is just the progression of life, so we try   not to dwell on our infirmaries and live each day to the fullest. I suppose that loosing the first of my circle of friends has hit too close to home, and left me in a reflective mood. 

I am a surviver and just need some time to work through all that has been happening lately.   


  1. Sounds like you've got the blues. A fellow friend blogger posted this awesome video today- watch it all the way through- blessings for you both during this time ....

  2. While I'm happy to see your update, and realize you and the Old Salt are OK ... I was really saddened to learn of your friend's passing. Inevitable, maybe ... but I don't think any of us are ever prepared. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

  3. Sorry for all your ups and downs. And WOW if I went to the doctor more than 2 or 3 times a year I would jump off a building (I say that now of course being 56) I could not imagine going even half that many times in a month let alone for two months in a row. Hang in there Rita, you have my support from afar. PS Congrats on your nephew's wedding!


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