Saturday, April 04, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenges --- By the Numbers

It is time once again for the Round Robin meme. This weeks theme is “By the Numbers”. Boy, two number themes in one week. This really had my head working overtime. With the number ten for Theme Thursday and By the Numbers for this, I was seeing numbers in my sleep for days but unable to capture anything with my camera.

As I mentioned in an earlier post our internet service has been down all week. Therefore, on Friday I decided to visit the only cyber café in town to check my e-mail and catch up on the memes I follow. I grabbed the camera and headed for Main St. Instead of a quick trip to the café I ended up capturing a day in my life “By the Numbers” instead.

Just as I was heading into the café I notice a sale sign in the window of the consignment shop next door. Never one to miss an opportunity my trusty camera and I reversed course and headed for the sale. First I captured the sale sign, then got snapshots of all the number related items I could find in the store. For good measure I even got a shot of the cash register and the thermostat .

I did finally get to the cyber café but not before taking a walk down Main St. where I photographed the front of the oldest grocery store in town and the top of the new bank building that is under construction. Suddenly I noticed two boys with numbers on their backs and captured them looking in one of the store windows.

My normal five minutes drive home grew considerably as I stopped to snap shots of every number I passed on the way. Actually, the picture taking only took a second but explaining to all the towns people what I was up to will become a blog for another day. I noted with my camera that both the prices of gas and Budweiser have gone up this week: and the city has installed a new clock and street signs in the downtown area since my last visit. I Happened to catch my neighbor and her son wearing matching numbered tees out in their yard before dinner. Then to cap off my day, the Old Salt just happened to choose a movie with a numbered title for our evening enjoyment.

Wow! Now that I have it all together it seems I have over done it a bit. Next time I will try to limit myself to only one great shot. But, the next theme is triangles. Heck where do I find triangles without going to the street repair crew. And, I thought numbers was hard.

Until next time, you can check out what photo's the other Robins submited or join the fun by visiting


  1. Hello Rita :)

    What great examples of numbers! You have some really nice photographs here, and I enjoyed viewing them very much! Thanks for playing.


  2. Wow, lots of great numbers!! You've been busy!

  3. That was one interesting trip to town, with all the numbers you captured! Great job!

  4. I wouldn't say you over did it! I was thinking wow look at all the numbers she found and how I was missing all kinds of numbers and not even seeing them.

    Great post.


  5. I could have borrowed someof you shots for sure. Nicely done.


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