Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday---

MellowYellowMondayBadgeMellow Yellow Monday is not one of the memes I normally follow but I could not resist posting this week because I have what I think is a interesting yellow shot.

If you will backtrack to my post for the Round Robin meme last Saturday, when the theme was numbers, you will find that I spent some time in a thrift store collecting my pics for that meme. When I asked the owner if I could take some pictures, I noticed  she had a yellow cockatiel sitting on her shoulder. I asked about the bird and this is what I learned: 

The bird is called Baby and the lady raised it from a hatchling. Baby has never been kept in a cage. Baby goes everywhere the lady goes including work and her grand-children's sporting events. Baby loves to ride in the car. The only other person that Baby will go to is  the lady's husband. Baby had its wings clipped so she runs wherever she wants to go.  Baby walks around the table during meals choosing what she wants from the couple's plates or her seed dish. Baby sleeps between the couple in their bed. When I asked about the sanitation or cleanliness factor I was told they just accept cleaning up behind Baby as part of loving her. The lady did tell me that she has to keep extra blouses handy and her grandchildren sometimes whisper to her that she needs to change her top. She often wears vests as a poop catcher. 

While I like birds and have had a few parakeets over the years I don't believe  I could live with a bird that sleeps with me or eats from my plate, not to mention doing its business all over my work place, home or me. How about you?

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  1. HA HAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this because I have two cockatiels. I do NOT sleep with them though ((smile))

    Mine are from a couple that was moving and wanted to give them a new home. They are so happy, talkative, dancing, crazy animals. Hard to believe they are in fact birds!

    I featured the yellow one in February for Mellow Yellow Monday. The other is grey with a very bright orange cheeks.

    Hello fro SpeedyCat Hollydale !!!

  2. Never seen bird like that. Very attractive. Happy MYM!

  3. Hi Rita, I have enjoyed reading your blog. This is my first mellow yellow also. I like birds alot and that cockatiel is pretty, but I wouldn't want his business in my business; and I think his business is on the woman's vest! He is mellow yellow though....

  4. wow, that's definitely a conversation piece. lol.

    i have a parakeet, and have learned in books that you can let them roam the house, but i'm not up to it. she's in her cage, loud and happy, lol. (and her poop falls neatly to the bottom of the cage.)

  5. Ohhhh, Baby is so sweet. I have 3 birds and yes, cleaning up after them is just part of the deal. But mine sleep in their cage. I think Baby is very well loved and one lucky, and pretty, birdie!

  6. I would have to agree...but baby is beautiful.

  7. I find it extremly reassuring that you will not start showing up at family functions with a pooping bird on your shoulder. Thank you Lord!!!!


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