Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday-- Strawberrys

Hallelujah. Our local computer whiz is truly a wizard. He not only saved my pictures and word files but everything else as well. Yes, the old PC is fried and on its way to electronics heaven by way of the recycle chapel but I feel so lucky to have everything restored.

I have learned my lesson. From now on everything will go to the external hard drive as soon as it comes from the camera. I set my calendar to remind me to back up everything else regularly also. I let the Old Salt talk me into getting a new Mac Mini. So hopefully it will be a long time before I have to repeat my recent troubles. Now I just have to learn to use this foreign operating system. I just keep telling myself that we are never to old to learn something new. It has become a mantra I chant each time I get frustrated with my mistakes.

Anyhoo, it is time for Ruby Tuesday and thanks to the wizard I do not have to go digging into my box of CD's for something red. I took these shots the day before my crash. Nothing says Spring to me like finding all the stores filling their lots with bedding planes. Finding these strawberry plants in their red tubs tells me winter is finally history. They also have my mouth watering for that first batch of shortcakes piled high with berries and fluffy whipped cream. Hope you enjoy them.

Have a great week everyone and for more things red visit Ruby Tuesday at


  1. Great captures for a spring day Ruby Tuesday. I had so much fun on Saturday at our Farmers Market photographing fruits and veggies
    My Ruby Tuesday isHere

  2. Excellent choice for RT. I love strawberries, and home grown ones are certainly the best.

    My Ruby Tuesday photo is posted here.

  3. UMMM Strawberries. I too am learning new things on computer, frustering is right.HRT


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