Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday --- Cool Beans

Ruby Tuesday as arrived once again. It is time to celebrate all things red. This week I have chosen to honor one of our favorite summer eateries.

The Cool Bean is a seasonal restaurant and the other day we noticed what seemed like activity as we drove past. Thinking the shop had reopened we did a quick turn around and headed back to pick up something to take home for lunch. Turned out we caught the owner in the middle of her spring cleaning and would have to wait another week to partake of a Buffalo Burgers, white chile, Jamaican jerk chicken or a wood fired pizza.

The Cool Bean is a relative newcomer to our town. This red double decker British bus just showed up on the backside of a large parking lot a few years ago. Within days it started getting a lot of attention as new items began to be added daily. Before long it was decked out in cool signs and flashing lights. A wrought iron fence surrounded tables with bright umbrellas. Then "The Bean" as we refer to it was open with the most unique menu in town. Featuring daily specials that each came with a side dish and home baked dessert. .

A person can drive up to the north window at six am and place an order for both breakfast and lunch, and have it waiting by the time you drive around to the south side pick-up window. That's a big hit with the folks making the drive into the city to work. Being regular night owls the Old Salt and I do well to make it in time for a respectable late lunch most days.

Have a great week everyone and for more things red visit Ruby Tuesday at
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  1. Love the photos! Adore the idea of this recycled bus! It takes on a whole new fresh dimension! Unique!

  2. What a cool way to reuse an old London bus :-)

  3. What a deliteful eatery. Everything here is boring.HRT

  4. That truly is Cool Beans! Awesome!


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