Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday --- It is all in the smile


My neighbor is a smiley face.
He has no legs, just floats in space.
So there’s one way to make him frown...
You simply turn him upside down.

I found the above poem as I was surfing blogland. It seemed like the perfect thing to include with several photo's I captured recently for Mellow Yellow Monday. The poem is by Gregory K and can be found here

I found these eyes staring back at me from their tub in a neighbors yard. I'm sure there is a smile hiding below the rim.

This is one of the coffee cups that the Old Salt likes to use in the car. He just happen to pick it the same week that I captured the balloons in the market.

To join the fun or just enjoy all the mellow yellow shots visit


  1. How cute! This definitely adds a smile to a Mellow Yellow Monday.

  2. Now that just put a big smile on my face - good one! :~)

  3. What a fun mellow yellow post! I love the smiley in the tub.

  4. Those photos are just perfect; they really do make me smile.

    Lovely background music too...

  5. You can't beat smiley faces :)

    I played :)

  6. Nothing like a great big yellow smiley to start your Monday!!! Great shots. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!

  7. LOL - that's one happy neighbourhood!

  8. O so adorable! A smile is always a winner! Great idea to find smiley faces in unexpected places!


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