Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

MellowYellowMondayBadgeWelcome to my edition
of Mellow Yellow Monday.

I saw this nail polish in the store on Saturday and could not resist getting it to wear to my families Easter Dinner and egg hunt. Actually, I did not get as much teasing as I expected and what I got was in good fun. Besides it serves double duty by giving me a mellow yellow post for this week. Yipee! Now I can go take off this bright canary polish.

To join he fun or just enjoy all the mellow yellow shots visit


  1. Oh my, I've never seen yellow nail polish! lol Very festive!

  2. Quite a colorsplash. Not too many occassions where you can wear that. But perfect for eastern and for MYM. You have a great up coming week!

  3. Love that polish! (nice nails too). Very creative mellow yellow.

  4. unique post for MYM!
    your hands look very pretty

  5. Never seen that before!! Too cute.

  6. Ha..that's wild! I ran around with blue (as in cobalt) toenails for awhile! Easter Blessings to you-


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