Monday, April 20, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

MellowYellowMondayBadgeWelcome to my edition
of Mellow Yellow Monday. Hi everyone. Welcome to this weeks Mellow Yellow Monday. There is a cute hotdog stand on the outskirts of town that I thought would make a great post for mellow yellow. I stopped last week to get some shots but they were lost in my recent crash. I went out to retake the shots on Friday and was surprised to find a for sale sign in each window. I do hope that this is not an indication that the stand will not be reopening for its normal season. It is the only hot dog stand around and they served a Chicago style hot dog that is superb. Occasionally nothing hits the spot like a great hot dog.

To join he fun or just enjoy all the mellow yellow shots visit


  1. Love the yellow cabin there..

    Thanks for your msg to be included in the no paid ads list - when I visit your blog I'm not seeing the Entrecard at all. The list is for those who use EC but do not allow the paid ads...

    If I am just being blind this Monday morning please let me know - have a good day.. LB :)

  2. Nice yellow pictures :)
    I hope the place comes back.


  3. Mmmm, I love me a good hot dog. I'm a mustard girl who swings between relish and sauerkraut. If you put ketchup on a dog --- well, let's just say I thinks it's yucky.

    Thanks for visiting Prattle. Hope you'll come back.

  4. That's a great mellow yellow bldg...looks like a nice place for a quick bite...

  5. It's a great shot for MYM. I hope it reopens so you can get that delicious hot dog when the craving strikes.

  6. Wow - even the picnic tables are the yellow - totally a place I'd stop for a snack :)


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