Saturday, April 11, 2009

100 Things About Me

This is my 100th post and the blogger's right of passage calls for me to post a list of "100 Things About Me" for the meme of the same name. As the self proclaimed queen of non compliance, I actually, posted that list last August. It can be found here I also posted a list for the I meme that can be found here

So, this is my second set of 100 things. The Old Salt feels that between all three list, I have given all of you good folks, way too much information about me. So enjoy because I will not risk upsetting him by doing another one.

1.I took swimming lessons at the Y for two winters and never learned to swim.See #64 on my first list.
2.A guy and I once met, fell in love, and split up during a Greyhound bus trip. I was nineteen.
3.I have always worked with numbers but, I never learned my multiplication tables pass six. I do the others by a series of addition.
4.I can do math in my head faster then most people can do it on a machine. Strange considering that I have trouble with multiplication.
5.I was widowed after 37 years of marriage.
6.I was pregnant five times.
7.I have one living child.
8.I have one grandchild.
9.I believe there is a God and he does answer prayers.
10.I have seen a ghost.
11.I have worn glasses since high school.
12.I have lived in more houses than I have fingers to count.
13.I am starting to believe I should add blogging to my addiction list and find a blogaholic’s meeting near me. See #99 on my first list
14.I used to keep a perfect house and no one cared. Now I don’t care if my house is perfect and that upsets my new husband greatly.
15.I was once a passenger in a car caught in a flash flood. Water was up to the dashboard by the time we were rescued by the local fire department.
16.I have lived within 75 miles of St. Louis since I was five.
17.I once held the tip of my brothers finger in place until we could get him to the hospital in town. He caught it between the screen door and the door jam.
18.I can’t whistle.
19.I never learned to dance.
20.My ears are double pierced.
21.I dislike most sports.
22.I’m not an animal person but most animals seem to like me.
23.I consider myself a spiritual person.
24.I believe a person’s spirituality is private, that is part of why I have not been a regular church member since leaving home.
25.Attending parochial school planted the seeds of my disinterest in church attendance. See # 35 on the first list.
26.I am somewhat obsessive, stubborn, over-sensitive and sometimes lazy.
27.I am also kind, smart, imaginative, empathetic, practical, creative, loving, conscientious, and optimistic.
28.I am a true auctioneer’s daughter. I love looking for treasures among other people’s discards at flea markets, antique shops, junk stores, or yard sales.
29.Estate sale and auction bargains make me ridiculously happy.
30.I loathe and despise modern d├ęcor.
31.I prefer what I call “bargain antique” for my decorating style.
32.If my weight and blood sugar could stand it, I’d eat donuts seven days a week.
33.My second choice for food would be all other types of pastry.
34.I can make a meal out of crackers and cheese.
35.I tend to be a wallflower at bars and parties.
36.I think kissing is the most intimate physical act.
37.I am a packrat.
38.I usually know where to find most things though.
39.I always want to get the story or history behind most things.
40.I am good at finding the best bargains when shopping.
41.I can judge the ability of a retail clerk with one glance.
42.I share my birthday with a sister.
43.I have not had my own birthday cake in ………. Like forever.
44.I have never had a passport .
45.If I were a smell I would have to be the scent of lilacs on a summer breeze just before a slow rain.
46.I am a list maker.
47.I once had journals full of lists.
48.I don’t think I am a good writer, but I would like to be.
49.But, I like capturing my thoughts and ideas.
50.I want to take a tour of lighthouses around the country.
51.I would like to live in a castle.
52.I once pretended to swallow my register key to keep my till from being stolen.
53.The cash office I worked in was robbed twice when I was there.
54.I once saw a lady fall out of a fitting room naked with a swim suit around her ankles.
55.I once caught a couple making out in a fitting room.
56.I have worked in a lot of retail stores.
57.I have worked in a lot of restaurants.
58.If the choice were left up to me there would be no paper products in my kitchen.
59.I quit wearing makeup when I was thirty.
60.I am a good painter…of walls not canvas.
61.If I had to be a sound I would be the clanging of the last bell of the school day.
62.The computer and Internet have changed and improved my life forever.
63.I have had the same basic hair cut for over thirty years.
64.I have never had acne.
65.I fell off a bicycle and broke my front tooth when I was eight.
66.To win a wager I might make the climb to the top of a water tower but it would require being unconscious to get me back down.
67.In 4-H I won a blue ribbon for my fried chicken.
68.Also in 4H. I went to the state competition in public speaking with a speech on littering.
69.I use to sew and made all of my maternity cloths, curtains, you name it.
70.I have not touched a sewing machine in years.
71.My husband gave me a new sewing machine last year but I still haven’t used it.
72.I love to iron on rainy days.
73.I see myself as a chameleon made up of tiny bits of Annie Oakley, Margaret Houlihan, and Julia Sugarbaker, with a sprinkling of Harriet Olson, and a whole lot of Jessica Fletcher.
74.I have trouble being vulnerable.
75.My husband is the perfect balance for me.
76.I really try to listen, but I can’t help interrupting when I have an idea
77.At another time in history I would have, without question, donned a prairie bonnet, and walked from Missouri to Montana behind a Conestoga wagon.
78.Mice cause me to climb on tables.
79.Horror movies give me nightmares.
80.I have found blogging more cathartic, cheaper and helpful than therapy.
81.As a young girl I enjoyed exploring my grandfather’s pockets. pockets.
82.One birthday, when I was pregnant, I awoke to find a birthday card standing on my stomach. http:/
83.I once dated a man who invited me to lunch. He picked me up with a car load of yapping Pekinese in the back seat. He then took me through the drive up at Taco Bell and we ate in the parking lot as the dogs ate from our laps. He choose that restaurant because it was the dogs’ favorite.
84.I once attended a four room school house.
85.I went to grade school with a girl who claimed to be the niece of Dick Clark of American Bandstand fame.
86.I like to relax before bedtime by playing games on Pogo.
87.I love baskets, boxes and all types of decorative containers. I don’t think it is possible to get too many.
88.My favorite department in a store is the stationary department.
89.I got drunk once when I was twenty and have rarely drank since then.
90.I tried smoking one time as a teen. I have never smoked since.
91.The older I get the more I see other family members looking back at me in the mirror. Especially my Aunt Ceal and sometimes Janet.
92.I have my mother’s hands.
93.I do not like my profile. I hate to see pictures of me in profile.
94.As a child I liked to play with the flab on my grandmothers arms. I’m surprised that she actually let me.
95.I am now starting to get my grandmothers arms.
96.I do not think I am old but it is an old person who looks back at me in the mirror.
97.I would like to remove all the mirrors from my house.
98.I did not used to believe in soul mates. I now do since I found mine.
99.My husband wishes we had met when we were younger. I do not think he would have liked me back then. I only learned to like myself in the last six years.
100.I still thank the Lord every day for bringing my dear Frank into my life. He has brought peace, joy, wonder, fun into my life. He is also the best friend a gal could ever want. Frank, I love you more every day


  1. Wow...what a great list of things about you....I really do not think you are giving out personal information...just little tidbits that make-up who you are! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Wow, this IS a great list and I so enjoyed reading it! I don't think I could write a list of 100 things about me. but I'm going to start!

  3. have way too much time on your hands. I could hardly find the time to read all this much less think it all up. What does the Old Salt do with all his free time?


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