Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ruby Tuesday on Thursday

Hi Everyone. Sorry but I had to change the rules this week and post my Ruby Tuesday on Thursday. We made some changes to our home phone service and good old Ma Bell messed up the order and canceled our internet service by mistake. Unfortunately, it will not be restored until next week so I am having to work around a family members schedule to get on line . I will have to wait until next week to check out everyone's entries since my time here is limited.

I had a hard time deciding what to post for this week. I managed to get several great shots last week. I should probably have save this shot for Halloween because it would be perfect, but, I like it so much I just can’t wait six months to post it. I call this the Halloween chimney.

This house sits on a country road I often travel. Last fall, while it was being renovated, I noted the progress each time I passed. I wondered if the run-down old place had a new owner. A room addition, new windows and siding were united by lots of new paint. Not the least of which was bright red paint for the old chimney.
The chimney originally was old bricks that, like the rest of the house, was faded and nondescript. After the chimney was painted what looks like a jack-o-lantern face suddenly appeared. I refer to it now as the Halloween Chimney. I don’t remember that face being part of the old chimney. It could have been there all along and I missed it due to the neglect the old place was in. Whether original or added, the new paint job shows that someone has a sense of humor. Regardless, I think it is awful but it sure makes the house stand out from all the others on the road. Now you see the chimney before you see the house. I have even caught myself giving someone directions using this chimney as a landmark.

Have a great week everyone and for more exciting red shots visit Ruby Tuesday at


  1. I absoutely LOVE all of your Rudy Tuesday blogs.....Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

  2. How could anyone miss that RED chimney! It's a great one! Happy Ruby Tuesday and you can post late - no harm , no foul! :)


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