Monday, March 14, 2011

daffodils in the snow

I can't begin to explain how fed up I am with the weather this winter. I have been praying for an early spring for a month now. Today, I thought my prayers had been answered.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was so nice I only needed a light sweater to take my camera for a walk around the yard.

I was delighted to find I had daffodils sprouting with some ready to bud,

and crocuses that were about ready to open up.

Then tonight, (early today, actually) I opened the back door to let the cat out and discovered

hugh, fat, fluffy snow flakes falling from the sky.

This shot will show you the tulips poking their heads up under the front overhang inches from the snow that is starting to cover the yard. The thermometer on the back fence tells me the temperature has dropped over twenty degree in the last few hours.

Will this darn winter never go away? Will all of my hard work getting these bulbs in the ground be ruined by this darn snow? Will spring ever get here?


It is now about eight hours since the above photos were taken and the snow is still falling. . Everything is covered in about two inches of white. The city snow plows just went down our street. No children have passed in front of our house on their way to the school down the block and the latest weather report says to expect about three more inches of snow before evening. Following are a couple shots only mintues old taken out our front door.


  1. Oh No....will it never

  2. I got to tell you it didn't make for a fun drive from St. Louis to Omaha. But we got here safe.

  3. Oh my! Springtime is trying to spring!

  4. Oh Rita -- I hope the flowers make it -- maybe the snow will just act like a blanket (if it doesn't freeze again when it melts).

  5. I think winter might be over here....but cannot swear to it. While I always get a thrill when I see snow, I am ready for the spring. Yet who can argue that those last shots of yours aren't beautiful. If the snow wasn't there, they would be of no particular interest....


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