Saturday, March 05, 2011

Matters in Hand

I lead a very sheltered life before I met the Old Salt. He has introduced me to many movies, songs, authors and news events that I missed over the years. One of them is Mike Royko, a syndicated correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. Mr. Royko was one of my husbands favorites and during his deployments at sea he had someone save him all the columns he would miss. He still has a small stack of his favorites.

So I was surprised when the following column showed up in my e-mail yesterday. It was not in the group of clippings I had read but, the Old Salt remembered it almost verbatim. I decided to share it here in case some of you (like me) missed it the first time round.

Even though this was a sensitive subject to write about and certainly a serious matter for those involved. Mr. Royko certainly painted a visual picture that I found rather humorous. The person that sent it to me described it as .... "quite a "grabber" of a story!!" And, it just proves that you can never underestimate the power of a woman.


  1. What a great is fabulous when a regular citizen gets the upper or is it lower hand on someone out to do them harm.


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