Thursday, March 10, 2011

Victuals, Viand or Vittles.

Occasionally, the differences in our upbringing have the Old Salt and me at odds over some point of etiquette; but, the difference in our education and practical experience have us at odds far more often. Our most recent disagreement occured over the use of a word. In fact it was over a word for this weeks "V" word for Alphabe Thursday.

I asked the Old Salt to suggest some words starting with the letter "V" that he thought I might have a photo to match. He began naming words; victory, visceral, vendor, veneer, victual,------------stop I said, what is that. I do not know that word. He explained the definition and I said "oh, you mean vittles." He quickly started in on how vittles is the incorrect spelling of the word victuals (hey, grab a dictionary of you don't believe him). It is usually misspelled this way because vittles is the phonetic pronunciation. Todays miscommunication got started however because hubby claims to speak what he calls standard english while I speak something called Ozarkian or Missourian. But, I believe it is the old tomato/tomahto potato/patahto thing. I think he speaks with an accent and I don't. To give you an example. The Old Salt says bagg-el and I say bay-gul but we both eat a bagel.

To make matters worse he proceeded to tell me that I could just use the word Viand because it has the same meaning. So regardless of how you spell it, or pronounce it my "V" word for this week boils down to just plain old eats, bread, chow, grub, or food.

Oh, did I forget to mention that during one of the many chapters of my life I used to be a caterer and restauranteur.

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Jenny Matlock

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  1. What's that old saying "You Can Call Me Anything But Late For Dinner". That's the way I

  2. Here's to victuals, viand, vittles, or whatever you call it!
    Happy Gustation!

  3. I'm with Donnie...I don't care what you call it, just make sure I get fed!


    very cute "v" post...

  4. Good "V" words! You have made me hungry!

  5. arg ... im drooling!!! now that you have made me positively hungry ... i think i will start dinner

  6. Those of us who talk 'Tennessean' pronounce the word vittles. It has to be the official pronunciation 'cause that is the way they said the word on The Beverly Hillbillys.

  7. Oh yummy yummy whatever you calls em!

    We had lunch today at the Cracker Cafe near here. Menu had a list of words translated from the cracker dialect. (They are the native Floridians, usually were cattle herders). Vittles was one of the words! So you can tell Old Salt you speak cracker now!

    By the way, vittles and quite a few of the other 'cracker' words were the same slang most people used in Eastern Washington when we were growing up.

  8. Love me some vittles...said wrong...over here too.
    Deviled eggs...Yum!
    Love the characature and the clay model too.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm married to a smartypants old salt too. But he is from Georgia and talks like he has a mouth full of cotton :))

  10. Well I got to tell you I have never heard of any of those words. So I would be able to argue over what is the correct way to say them.

  11. Just stopping over from Alphabe-Thursday. You wrote a good post and expanded our vocabulary to boot. Now I must go and finish eating my victuals. Cheers!

  12. Rita,
    I was here. Thank you for teaching me how to post a comment. My best "v" word is verisimilitude. It just about sums up everything. Larry

  13. I love this post. I love reading how you met! I love your bickering!

    What a cute, cute stop on my little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "V".

    I like Donnie's comment. That's how I feel...

    So I guess it must be time to go eat something - ha!

    Thanks for linking up this week.

    And thank you for the smile.


  14. thanks for teaching us 3 v words.

    names are both vital and could be ignored on some occasions.

    well done the food items.


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