Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs, Windows and the letter W

I may be reaching here, and a stretch of the imagination may be necessary but I am going to go for a triple header this week. I hope to connect Jenny's letter "W" theme at Alphbe Thursday with Lesley's meme on signs and Mary's meme on Window Views. You will have to be the judge of whether I succeed.

Lets start with a couple of "W" words. Window and Wayne.

We were putting groceries in our car at the supermarket when a truck pulled up beside us. I noticed the decal on the truck's window and the letter W popped into my mind. I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot of John Wayne. OK, the window view is a little sketchy since it is of the head rest in the truck but it is a window view. Then, I remembered taking another photo of a window featuring John Wayne the last time I visited my brother.

We went to an antique shop near my brother's house and found the parking lot full, so we parked on the street in front of an old house. I was surprised to see John Wayne looking at me as I got out of the car, so of course, I took the picture.

This next shot is where I link up the sign meme with the letter W and the window views. This shot of a sign in a restaurant window gives us the W words window and Whiteboy and a sign that is very out of place for the area where it was taken,
After crossing the salt flats in Utah we pulled into the first gas station we found hoping to find a car wash for all that salt. Instead, we found an empty building with the above sign in the window. I found the sign rather interesting for several reasons. One being the Budweiser logo since we live in the home area of Anheuser Busch and the other was the inappropriate name of the restaurant. I found it hard to believe that BBQ would be the first choice of folks who had just traveled across the salt flats.

I am linking this post to the Thursday memes Alphabe Thursday,
Signs, Signs and Window Views.

Jenny Matlock
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  1. I find the name of the smokehouse restaurant rude for this time in our history. It appears to be in good condition which leads me to believe it has not been closed for too very long. It is so interesting to me the things I see on the back roads and rural highways of our area. This is certainly an unusual one for anywhere.

  2. I'd say you covered all your bases. Have a great day! La

  3. John Wayne lives on, sort of like Elvis!

  4. were successful. Great job!

  5. I think you did all your homework and then

  6. I love the way you take photos of anything that interests you!

  7. You forgot "Wayne's World." Hahaha!! Just kidding!!

  8. You could also use John Wayne for the letter M. His birth name was Marion Morrison.

  9. The second Wayne looks very realistic, perhaps he is still roaming the old west.

  10. Your photos are so pretty cool!! Love the second one.
    Sign of time

  11. You done good here... it's a successful hat trick!

  12. Love your distinctive window views!

  13. I think you covered all the bases. It is good to know that people were smart enough not to give the idiots who named that restaurant enough business to keep it open. I'd rather starve than go in it.

    Not crazy about John Wayne either, but a lot of people are still quite fond of the old dear.

  14. I think you covered all the bases! You did it in grand fashion also!

  15. Great way to kill three birds with one stone!

  16. Not only did you cover all three bases, you totally smacked a grand slam homerun!

    Loved your clever post here. The signs were wonderful.

    And Honey's comment was perfect.

    John Wayne has obviously NOT LEFT THE BUILDING!

    This was a wonderful stop on our little journey from Alphabe-Thursday (and the other two memes!)

    Thank you for linking.


  17. I've been guilty of multi-tasking on memes, but you did it well!
    Rosie@travel-i-tales and mygardenhaven


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