Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebration Fences

Fencing, that amazing selection of post or stakes joined together with wire or wood that serves as an enclosure, barrier or boundary.  Fences can be as simple as a strand of wire charged with an electric current or as ornate as the human mind can imagine.   

I grew up in farm country so I have dealt  with my fair share of fences.  I've even  encountered a few that I had to climb in a hurry to escape either a rogue animal or one of my nine brothers.  But, mostly when I see a fence I wonder what it is protecting or maybe, hiding.  Yep, I've been glad a few times that no one could see the mess my patio fence was hiding.  

I currently live in a row of townhouses, and my patio is surrounded by a six foot privacy fence. Much to the chagrin of the Old Salt, I have decorated on both sides with a lot of what I like to call decorative items.  Perhaps one day I will actually put my fence on display for Friday Fences.  But, this week I have another type of decorated fence to share.  

I captured these pictures a few years ago when I traveled to Alabama for my cousin's wedding.  They decided to have a small affair, in their front yard, with a Polynesian or Hawaiian theme.  The fence played a big part in the decorations for this event.  

Now, I should warn you that parts of Alabama are not known for having lush green lawns.  In fact my mother tells tales about it being one of her chores as a girl to regularly sweep their front yard.  So, just imagine you can see grass in the following shots.  You will also have to click to enlarge for best detail.   

As a side note you might enjoy knowing the ministers name was actually Johnny Cash.

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  1. Fences can decorate very well! nice shots

  2. First off, that is a big front yard! Was the fence a permanent feature? If so, it needed a little help with the flowers, in my opinion ( I have a degree of dislike for chain link fences). The second shot is quite creative.

  3. awww! best wishes to the newly weds, beautiful and colorful fence indeed! Dropping by from CC

  4. that is really a cool fence! creative! Dropping by from Color Connection :)


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