Friday, April 06, 2012

He Listened to Me

Recently we visited the small town of Jamesport which is in Missouri's Amish country.  While there the "Old Salt" pulled over beside the pasture of one of the Amish farms so I could photograph the livestock.  I noticed one particular horse standing alone about halfway down the pasture.  He had a very regal stance and appeared to be staring directly at me.   

Unfortunately, he was to far away for me to get a good picture even with my long lens.  I said "okay boy, move a little closer" and he did, but, not close enough.  I proceeded to have a dialog with this horse, asking him to come even closer; as I continued to shoot shot after shot.  Finally, I ask him to come up close to the fence and he did.  He stood there staring straight at me ,but, he was standing so that all I could photograph was his head and front legs peaking out behind the fence post.  So, I ask him to move over a bit and show me the rest of his body.  Again, he did just what I asked and this picture is the result.

Who would have ever thought that I could talk to a horse and have him almost talk back to me.  Plus, I have a dozen shots that work like one of those old flip-card movies that were popular when I was a kid.

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  1. What a great story! I am always amazed by the curiosity of animals - good job getting him to pose for your photographs! By the way, hubby and I met online - on Yahoo Personals - and found that we had lived near each other for many years, and our kids had gone to school together, and knew each other! Loved your story...

  2. I also have a few photo series of animals that are like those flip cards. What fun!

  3. I love this story and what a gorgeous horse. Wonderful photo and skywatch. Have a great weekend and happy Easter!

  4. thanks, for sharing your story. love the view there. wow. (:

  5. Beautiful picture you show.
    Wishing you a happy Easter.
    Hugs Hanne Bente /

  6. Beautiful photo. I enjoyed reading the story. Happy sky watching and I wish you a Happy Easter.

    My Sky.

  7. Wow!...Rita the "horse whisperer"...awesome story!
    I love amish country..mostly the homemade candy;)

  8. Gee, I have seen kids that were not that cooperative...
    And it is a great capture, too!!

  9. what a beautiful horse, and such good manners!

  10. You must be the horse whisperer...I see Magical Mystical Teacher thought the we must be right...right?

  11. I love horses. They are such expressive, and independent animals. - Margy

  12. Now if I could just get my own horses to cooperate like that when I'm trying to do a photo shoot!!! Must be some 'horse whisperer' in your background ;~)

  13. he takes direction!
    maybe he models :)
    he's a beauty

  14. It's a nice story and I think you got a pretty darn good photo! Even without a long lens....

  15. Yep...the horse whisperer comes to mind also. Nice story...animals are very curious sometimes!

  16. Love this, Rita!
    I'm reminded of a time, a fella I was seeing was MORTIFIED that I was talking to a horse. (In retrospect, that should've been my first clue ...)
    Dumb animals? I think not!


  17. That is probably the most beautiful photo that I've seen on Friday's Fences!
    Lovely story behind the photo, too.
    Happy Easter!
    Lea's Menagerie

  18. How incredible! A very smart horse who wanted to please you. Love it!


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