Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love of Purple led to a Surprise

Several times during the last week I needed to go downtown on a short errand.  My route took me past a row of beautiful purple flowers edging the street.  As luck would have it I had left home without my camera for such a short trip.  So yesterday I found myself needing to return downtown and made sure to grab my camera.  

 I stopped intending to only photograph these wonderful flowers. 

Then I noticed the mailbox was sitting on an old cistern pump and snapped away. 
 That made me curious about what else I might find.  

So I strolled down the driveway, thinking, that this must be the only
 unpaved drive left in town.  

I had barely taken two steps when a robin flew in front of me
 and landed on the neighbors fence with a big fat grub.   

 As I walked down the driveway I realized that this yard was like a forest of plants with small trails meandering though the overgrowth.  The owner certainly had no need for a lawnmower.  I could also tell that someone was tending this dense garden because there were twigs, cut plants and pulled weeds laying in a pile on the path that led to the front door. Plus, these cute little statues and flags were visitable throughout the garden.  

I finally found a spot where I could get a peek of the house beyond.  But, when I got up closer I realized that the person who lives here must survive on a small budget (and possibly be reclusive ) because  the house was in a sad state of repair.  Most of the front I could see was covered with plastic sheeting to keep out the wet and cold and the garage at the end of the drive was listing a bit to one side.  I decided I'd better head back to the street for fear of alerting someone to my presence who might be unhappy about having  company.  

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  1. Beautiful photos and a place to certainly arouse curiosity.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. What a beautiful, wild garden!

  3. What a great set of photos (especially the robin one)

  4. What a beautiful garden. I wonder who does live behind those trees and shrubs?

  5. Purple is certainly the predominant color along that unpaved lane!

  6. The pictures are so very pretty. I love purple. I wish you lots of strength and happiness.

    Love, Vidya

  7. Oh, so lovely. I'd be sending a postcard to that address on the mailbox asking for an invitation to photograph the "interior" of that garden. The worst than can happen is you get ignored, right?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I had not thought of this but it is a great way to hopefully learn "the rest of the story" so to speak. If I get any results you will see them here asap.

  8. Great photos ...Hope you get that invite!

  9. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sunday.

  10. A magical garden. Maybe the person would be happy t have company who loved (his/her) flowers. On the other hand, maybe they have a pit bull they'd sic on you...but with the sweetness of the garden, I'd almost bet on the good recluse ;>)

  11. Great photos and story behind them. I love when a little something takes me further into something else and a whole new world is opened up!

  12. The photographs are great and now you've got me wondering about who lives in the house.


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