Monday, April 09, 2012

Cornfield Surprise

I live in a small rural riverfront town named after our first president, George Washington.  Just across the river is an even smaller town that some believe was named after Washington's wife Martha. 

Marthasville is located in the Missouri river bottomlands and is mostly an agricultural area.  The bottoms consist of hundreds of acres of farmland.  We have friends who live there and every time we travel to their house we pass an old barn that sits in the middle of a huge cornfield.  

During a trip to visit with out friends last fall, the Old Salt and I decided to leave a bit early so we could photograph a few points of interest along the way.  

First, being that old barn. We were even lucky enough to find a dirt road that took us right up to it.  

Please click to enlarge 

It was a chilly, overcast day and not ideal for camera shots, but, stopping to take the above shaps of this barn turned out to be a better photo opt then either of us expected.  


Hidden behind the barn, we found a large brick house buried under years of vines and other growth.  The old house must have been quite a showplace in its heyday.  Now it was nothing but rotting wood and broken windows. It is sad to think someone had to leave such a beautiful home knowing it would fall victim to age and neglect. 

While trying to photograph the surrounding hazy cornfield the sun poked its head out for a few minutes, as if in answer to a prayer.  The resulting shots of sun dappled trees was like the frosting on the cake for this photo shoot.  

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  1. Your stop turned into a wonderful photography session!
    It's sad wondering what happened to the owners of the land. You often see old barns and old wooden farm houses gone to ruin but a big old brick house is something else.
    Beautiful sunny shots over the cornfields.
    Hope your having a blessful day!

  2. Sometimes we find those treasures and it just makes you wonder what happened to the family that lived there. So sad to see a magnificent building lost to the ravages of time! But, what a lovely opportunity for a photographer! Great shots...

  3. What a great find! I love all your photos from this stop!

  4. i love the mosaic of the barn. so pretty. i love red barns. (:

  5. Oh my gosh....if only I had won the mega million lottery last week...I would love to buy this land and old home and fix it up to its original glory!!!

    FRUITS of my LABOR is the link for my Tuesday post...if you can find time, I'd love to have you stop by and keep me company!!!

  6. Beautiful photos. Happy RT2!

    Mine's here.

  7. some beautiful images you got...that house is much too gorgeous to just be left alone like that :(

  8. Oh my that is such a sad looking farm. That home must have been so beautiful at one time. I wonder what the story is behind it all. Great photos.

  9. I love the red barn. Very nice!!

  10. I wish these would enlarge...they look very promising...sounds like you had a good day!

    1. Rose, thank you for letting me know that my photo would not enlarge. I have deleted and reloaded them and they seem to be working find now.

  11. oh my goodness, it's bad enough that the barn is growing over, but that house, too? That's a big home! I wonder what happened that they had to abandon the place never to return?! That's awful! How'd they afford to leave & find someplace else to live?

    I'm so glad you're better and able to blog again & join Barn Charm! Thanks so much =)

  12. Oh, wow, these were just as wonderful as I thought they would be...thank you for checking and reloading. I never know if it is my computer or just a glitch in the sometimes hesitate to say anything.

  13. Great shots and how exciting to find the hidden house. I'll have to look for that barn the next time we ride through Marthasville.

  14. You got some great photos from that little trip. I love pictures of of barns and buildings with vines growing on them. I know that's bad for them, but usually they are not in good shape anyway.

  15. Lovely rubies!

    Strawberries for Ruby Tuesday, come and have some.

  16. Wonderful set of collages! That looks like it was a showplace in its day. What a shame to see it in such a condition now.

  17. Pretty photography and looks like a beautiful day. Love the barn shots.

  18. Beautiful photos, love the barn and the old house.
    The wreaths you made are so beautiful, great creative work.
    Wish you a wonderful day.

  19. I can relate to most of your sightings today. I love seeing things from the past. Although it saddens me to see one falling down and no one cares.

  20. I would love to travel the country and just take pictures of barns! This one is a real beauty, and so is that house. You can still see how charming it once must have been!
    Happy REDnesday,

  21. Great shots and interesting barns..

    Visiting for Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by:)

  22. Love the old barn and buildings and your collages are great.

  23. Wonderful photos! I love the old house but when they are in such a state of ruin it is always so sad.


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